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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yeah, we're all Rocky Mountain High around here...

Aren't we?

Some folks apparentlythink so, as a bill has been introduced to change our state song to John Denver's Rocky Mountain High.

David Harsanyi analyzes what John Denver meant by Rocky Mountain "High."

I realize there has been considerable debate about whether Denver was referring to illicit drugs. Denver, before his accidental death in 1997, had publicly stated that "high" had nothing to do with drugs.

Fact No. 1: Every song written in the '70s was - implicitly or explicitly - about sex or drugs, often both. All the timeless pop groups we've come to love, from the Starlight Vocal Band to Dawn featuring Tony Orlando, prove this theory true.

Some readers, no doubt, will claim that Denver was referring to a spiritual awakening that can happen in the glorious Rocky Mountains. When Denver croons about friends around a campfire "and everybody's high," he merely means folks are high on life.

Fact No. 2: No one was high on life in the '70s. They were just high.
It could be worse, it could be Sunshine on My Shoulders. There he brings up the whole "high" thing again, stating that "Sunshine almost always make me high." Maybe Sunshine is code for something, since I've lived in Colorado a long time and never had any of these reactions to regular old sunshine. I've never had sunshine in my eyes make me cry, nor has it made me happy or high. Sunshine on the water does indeed look lovely at times, but other than that John's lost me.


Well if you try to go running up in the mountains when your body is used to sea'll suffer a lack of oxygen that if it doesn't make you pass right out, you'll feel high. LOL!

But I think it would be really stupid to change our state song from whatever it is (does anyone know their state song?) to Rocky Mountain High...just asking for trouble.
re: Mizel. Yeah, that was totally fasinating...although I wasn't at all comfortable holding a copy of the Koran.

Can you imagine being required to read the entire Bible before you were accepted into the Church?
I was OK holding the copy of the Koran. I wasn't OK with passing it to a group of kids and saying, "Don't let it touch the floor." And then my big girl, who I count on the most to follow directions just PITCHED it to Tiernan! I could have died.
You've got me humming Denver songs now!
This is funny as I was high the other day too - hope you'll come over and climb the Norwegian mountains with me:-)
Sunshine makes me higher than a kite.
I love John Denver. He makes me high.
Isn't the western half of the state the part with the mountains and the eastern half is pretty much high plains with no mountains, rocky or otherwise. Seems like the state song ought to apply to all of the state rather than just half of it. Then, again, I have no idea what the current Colorado State song is.
I looked it up. The current song is "Where the Columbines grow" which is also just about the part of the state with all the mountains and the least number of people. I found the lyrics, all of a sudden John Denver doesn't sound like such a bad deal. On the other hand, I also found a site which indicated a move to use a song by Merle Haggard called "Colorado." coundn't find the words do that one. Anyone have a clue?
Hmm, I don't know if I could stomach it. On the other hand, if I only heard it as much as I've heard the current song (thanks, Fred!), I'd be fine. At least it wasn't "Born to Run"...
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