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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anna's Babydaddy

It turns out Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's father.

I don't know why I got caught up in all the drama after Anna Nicole Smith's death. There were times when I remember feeling a distinct break with reality, when I questioned if they were just putting us on and she wasn't really dead. For instance, when Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband threw his hat into the ring as the possible father, I started wondering if the entire world was being punk'd...

I'm glad this is settled, hopefully there can be some dignity for her now, and we can all just let the whole thing fade away.


I declared my blog an Anna Nicole Smith-Free zone. There had to be some refuge. Some sanctuary ;-)

BTW all one had to do was look at Larry Birkhead's baby picture to see that Dannielyn looked just like him.
I so hope that it all goes away soon...her 15 min of fame are so over.
This isn't likely to fade away until the custody battle is over.
Even then, I think this baby's life will be monitored by the media.
I'm sure we'll see photos of her as she gets older.
I hope to GOD that Larry B. guides her in a good direction in life, so she doesn't choose to pose for Playboy, etc... and follow in her mother's tagic footsteps.
Anna's life was a roller coaster, and it eventually just spiraled downward. It is very sad.
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