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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I jumped in!

One of the co-ops I'm offering this summer involves jumping rope. (I'll show the basic details at the end of the post.)

So, I ordered some 16' long jump ropes and we got out yesterday to work on them a bit. I figured if my kids have an idea of what they're doing, it will be easier helping the other kids.

So, we were working with them, and I got in to show the kids how to turn the rope, and how to get the rhythm to jump it. Man, that's hard work! I haven't done this at all since I was a little girl!

Anyway, once I felt comfortable with the rope again, I decided to try to jump in once they were already turning it. I remember learning to do that when I was 8 or so, and I was so proud of myself. I watched the rope go around a few times, then I just ran right in and started jumping, like it hasn't been 25+ years since I did it last. It was SO AWESOME!!! I felt like the Queen of the World!

Well, I also felt like a jumping elephant, oh my knees!!!! But, it was fun! I'm going to try some more today :-)

Sorry I've been MIA, a very dear friend of mine has had some scary stuff going on in her life and I've been trying to be there for her. If you're a praying person, I'd appreciate it if you kept my friend Mara in your prayers.

If you want to read my co-op class description, click on the .*.*. below.

CLASS TITLE: Playground Games

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Remember all that cool stuff we used to do on playgrounds when we were kids; the doubles jump rope, and clapping games?

These activities are an excellent way to build strength, agility and co-ordination, as well as emphasizing co-operation. Plus they’re just fun and they make you feel cool if you can do them!

I will bring long jump ropes and some songs for both the jump rope and clapping, and I will need the parents’ help to keep all the ropes turning and the kids occupied. Don’t worry, you’ll learn (or remember) as we go, too!

Feel free to share any games or songs you remember from back in the day.


You're so cool!
Ditto what Renee said!

I'm sorry your friend Mara has scary stuff going on. I'll pray for her to regain what's lost.

RYC: Yes, Sarah got it yesterday, in the midst of the saga that I'll be blogging about on Thursday. She loved it. It was a complete set of Twilight Zone episodes, all the seasons. She's cool too!
Wow I'm super impressed!
Impressive. Great cardiovascular exercise too. Keep it up.
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