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Friday, May 04, 2007

Catching up

OK, Ron is out of surgery, and they are planning on him coming home Friday. Yay!

Renee was asking why Charles Manson didn't get the death penalty. The thing is, he did. So did the his co-defendants. But then California changed their law, and everyone who was on death row had their sentences changed to "life." So, all of the Manson killers have been eligible for parole for quite a while now. In the meantime, California changed back again to allow the death penalty, but that didn't apply to the people who'd already been let off the hook by the last change.

In theory we're going camping this weekend, but I won't know for a while longer. We're watching the weather, and we'll decide in the morning. So, if I don't blog, I'm camping!

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I notice that it's snowing in the mountains at least near us. I wouldn't want to camp up there anytime soon. There's some lovely lakes around here, though.
Oh no! I just read Scone's comment. I hope it doesn't get cold and rainy. burrrr! I gotta have FIRE!

I'm so glad to hear that Ron is doing well and will keep him in my prayers...mostly for what we talked about this afternoon. ;)

Thanks for the info on Charles Manson...that makes much more sense. I've always felt that if a person has remorse then life (the punishment is living with what they did.) But no remorse and you're just keeping a psychopath alive and making tax payers pay for it. BLECH. *sigh*
I just checked the weather map. It shows the clouds that were threatening us up over Cheyenne now. And I don't see the clouds that might be comeing tomorrow.
I think it's funny that you added a tag called manson.
I hope you can go camping! Have a great weekend!
Glad to hear Ron is doing okay!

When you have time, and if you feel like it, I tagged you for a meme.
Always good to hear about medical improvement.

Camping. I say I'm gonna do it, and then stuff just comes up. I'm craving some tent-sleep under the stars.
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