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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not camping!

But we did get away. The weather was looking bad yesterday, so we changed our plans. Good thing, too, since we had some wild weather last night here in CO! Snow, rain, wind, tornadoes and everything! I'm starting to wonder if that's all some sort of signal that the Apocalypse is coming soon. ;-) We're at a local hotel, sucking up the free breakfast and lazing in the hot tub and just plain relaxing.

I've gotten a couple of comments about my "manson" tag for blogging. I haven't gotten to use it very much, but I know I have old posts about him around here, too. His is a fascinating tale. Helter Skelter is the first true crime book I ever read, and I still find the story compelling. It's really terrifying, not in a horror movie kind of way, but in that, "This awful stuff could happen to just about anybody," way. It still gives me the creeps, which says a lot.

Ron should be coming home today. Yesterday his lab work was still a little off, so they kept him another night. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!

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