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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Phone Call from the Top of the World!

No escape as mobile phone reaches Everest's summit

A British mountaineer has set a world record by making the first mobile telephone call from the summit of Mount Everest, taking the blessing -- or curse -- of the cell phone to new heights...

His achievement was made possible by China Telecom, which has set up a mobile phone tower at base camp on the north side of the mountain.
I just keep picturing that annoying Verizon guy in cold weather gear standing at the summit saying, "Can you hear me now?"

Apparently many of the climbers this year are a bit over the top.

Last week a Briton pulled off the season's first big stunt by making the first flight over the summit using a powered paraglider.

A Nepali mountaineer has also broken his own world record by scaling the peak for a breathtaking seventeenth time.

Other daredevils on the mountain include Wim "Iceman" Hof, a Dutchman attempting to scale the peak wearing just shorts, boots, gloves and a cap.
Man, I wear more than that to get the mail when it's chilly out! I hope he's alright, it seems like he's sure to lose some fingers and toes at the very least...


As long as be doesn't affix a mobile phone mast on the top of Everest.
Jen, I was meaning to answer your question of last week but kept forgetting. Yes, I've moved my blog to the other address and will not be updating at Immax3 anymore.

I still also have my Blogger blog, which is the same content as my Xanga, to make things extra confusing.

Lori, formerly at
I guess now folks can call home when they make it to the top. They can also call for help when they mess up.

I agree with Jean that I hope they don't put a tower on the top...that would be sad.
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