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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen "Dragon Foot"


Thirteen Things about The Dragon in Maya's Foot

1. Well, I was getting all ready to post my first T-13 in a long time, when I was interrupted by some loud screaming and shrieking.

2. Apparently, Maya had stepped on a toy on the floor, and it went about an inch into the arch of her foot.

3. The toy was the head part of a dragon, and it was pretty fierce looking.

4. We called the pediatrician, who told us to take her to the ER.

5. You know the injury is weird when the ER personnel keep showing up with friends from other departments to see it! They all agreed it was the first dragon they'd ever seen stuck in someone's foot.

6. One of the doctors actually asked if he could take a picture of it. Maya said yes, so now her injury is on film (more likely a memory card) somewhere... There were tons of people gathered around to see her foot, so Maya was wavering between being freaked out and thinking it was sort of cool.

7. Then, the doctor was able to pull it out.

8. I had attempted to pull it out at home, but the part of the toy that went it was pointy, then got larger, then skinnier, so it was stuck in there pretty well. :-P

9. There wasn't a whole lot of blood, and Maya was very brave.

10. It was still gross, though. I've never been so close to throwing up because of an injury to one of my kids.

11. And, if you've been reading here a while, you know we've seen a lot.

12. I don't have a picture of the dragon actually IN her foot (my camera's broken) but I was able to scan the dragon now that it's out. The line indicates how far it went in, and the arrow points to the part that was actually in the arch of her foot.

13. Do you want to see it? Ok, here it is:

Maya's Dragon Foot

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Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have 2 on blogger too. :) I LOVE your kids names btw!!!!!! Our kids are Tristan, Caelie and Kieran.
This may be one of the coolest, most unique TT's I've ever seen!
brave maya!
When I first saw the photo I thought Holy *rap! I had to reread it and then I realized I had it backwards. I thought the head part had gone into the foot. Whew!

Anyway, what really happened is only marginally less bad than what happened. Poor kid. Hope she has a quick & uneventful healing.

This story reminds me of the warnings on the ancient maps... "There be dragons... on the floor".
I meant to say it was marginally less bad than what I first thought happened.

Note to self: Engage brain before hitting publish, not after.
Ow! That poor girl!
Oh my gosh, that could happen at our house, lol. My dd cut open her ear, even the cartiledge, on our baseboard! And she was thrilled to go to the ER because she knew they would give her a popsicle!

I don't knit, but I got the pic of that dishcloth at
Okay, ouch! Poor Maya! I would have passed out myself!
That IS freaky!

Thanks for visiting today, and happy TT!
You should call her Dragon Foot and say that she is a dragon hunter or dragon rider. She's been marked!
Ouch! That sounds like something that could happen at our house too. Beware of sharp pointy dragons! lol
Ow, that had to have hurt.

I know one of these days I will be be in the ER with a dog bone stuck in my foot.
Well you know what this means, right?

It's time to clean up the floor!

at least that's what my mom would say.

I'm glad to hear she's doing much better now. Did you get some anti-biotic stuff on the other twin?
Oh yikes!! Poor Baby! Hope she's doing better now and the dragon is in time out. (Hey, head over and check out Madi's hair! I thought of you when we did it (Well you and Elysa Mac))
I had a similar experience with a beautiful set of Snoopy tacks that for some fool reason I used to play with as a child. This is my first TT!
So, Toast is...toast?

Sorry, that was the first thing I thought of. I'm not a nice person.

I raised mice as a part of a psychology experiment in high school. The stupid rodents would crack each others' skulls open and do unmentionable things to the cadavers. I never did raise a litter such that I could complete my experiment. And such is the end of my psychological experiment with mice.

Sorry, not very condoling. I'm so very sorry. I hope it didn't trouble the family overly much.

And my condolences to poor Maya! OUCH! It made me queasy to look at that and I wasn't even there for the event.

And I don't think Sage is weird. Or if she is, my children are also weird. So we're raising a group of either normal or weird children...could they be much worse than the ps'ers?

(Your comments won't let me comment...should I be paranoid about this?)
Ok, so it let me condole here but not on the Toast's passing post? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
Brave girl! I hope she is getting better and that it doesn't hurt so much!
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