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Saturday, May 12, 2007


Did you know this? I didn't know this....

Stamp prices to go up Monday

It will cost a bit more to mail letters and parcels starting Monday. A first-class letter will go up 2 cents to 41 cents.
Maybe I'm just dense, but I stopped paying attention to stamps a while back. It seems like they're changing all the time any more. (Maybe they always have and I never noticed, like I said, I'm dense.)

I wish they would just raise it to a dollar per stamp, and then leave it at that rate for a really long time until the cost catches up again. In the meantime, it would create a bit of a surplus, but it seems certain they could put it to use.

Maybe they could spend some to buy new facilities to replace the ones that got anthraxed. I know they say they cleaned it, but do you suppose that's ever far from the minds of the people who work there every day? I'd be completely freaked out every time I got sick, chugging Cipro and saying goodbye to my family. No wonder these folks sometimes lose it and shoot the place up, can you blame them?

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I think that is why they were trying to promote the "forever Stamp" at 41cents, then if prices go up again, you will still have the 41 cent stamp.
What are you going to do? The USPS has us by the short hairs. We must conform.

BTW I don't buy that universal stamp of theirs. I don't think they'll stand by it beyond 2050. It's all a crock.
Stamp costs are astronomical in Britain.
I heard about it on the Freecycle board last week, in fact. I thought it was weird that I hadn't seen or heard anything about it before.

I will try to get The Man to buy some Forever stamps next time, but I expect he'll just buy whatever he likes anyway. Meanwhile, I'll end up sticking 2 39-cent ones on everything.

Capt. Picard is right about postage in Britain. But stuff gets delivered nationwide within a day, which is a nice thing. At least it did several years ago when I lived there.
How much, rather, how many of us still use stamps. And how many do we actually use?

I find myself using them less and less and don't quite mind whether the price goes up. But I also realise that there are plenty of people who still use them and might find the cost of almost .50 astronomical.

With all the pushing for online statements, online billing, online etc, how many stamps are we effectively using? And wasn't there a push for online printing of stamps??
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