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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Happy Mother's Day!

Special thanks to mom and Linda, and Dee and Lou, you all have been great! Davin and I have been blessed to have our moms, and also our step moms, to help and guide (and spank!) us as we grew up. We love you!

And, I want to remind everyone to keep those women who aren't having a happy Mother's Day near our hearts. Many women are hurting today; the ones who can't have children, the ones whose children are missing or dead, and the ones whose children are lost to them. Please keep these women in your prayers.


Happy Mother's Day to you too...again.

That's very sweet how you included all your Moms.

I called my Mom but got lucky as they were heading out the door to her Mother's Day we only talked for 24min. :) And she didn't bring up her last dr visit that my step dad told me about.
Such a nice tribute to moms.
I hope your Mom's Day was a goodie.
I'm sure your kids and hubby are so happy to have YOU in their life. Being a mom is hard work, but it's the best and most important job in the world!! :)
A late Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope you had a good day!
Thanks for reading and signing my blog. Thanks also for your kind words about Mother's Day. I wasn't hurting this year, I guess I've accepted my fate about my fertility and turned it over to a higher power. I do get sad some days, but most days I'm happy to be on the road of life where I'm at, not where I was, or too worried about where I'm headed..again it's all about the higer power. Thanks are hilarious!!
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