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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Food experiment

21 meals on $25 a week?

Lucia Guzman stalked the aisles of Safeway, comparing various peanut butters and types of beans. She carefully tallied the cost of the items in her basket on a small pad of paper.

Guzman, executive director of the Mayor's Office for Human Rights and Community Relations, and other city officials agreed to live on food-stamp rations for two days or a week - roughly $3 a day, or $25 per person per week.
Wow, that's not a lot of money. (At this point, everyone on food stamps is saying, "Well, duh, Jen!") My family can drop $25 at McDonalds.

I wonder what our family would have to spend if we were on food stamps, it looks like roughly $25/person/week. That would be interesting to see how we would do. I believe it was in Living More with Less, I read about a family that allowed themselves to spend the same amount on food as they would receive from food stamps. (That was an awkward sentence, sorry about that.) Then they gave the rest to their church. I remember thinking that was a pretty neat idea, sort of like an extended fast offering.

The woman in the article did pretty well, especially considering she's got medical considerations. But, she also said she was going hungry this week, too. I'm sure a lot of people are going hungry week to week.


If there is something that comes in a cheaper form (say storebrand) that is just as good as the namebrand version we get the cheaper item. But with two very picky eaters in the family I'm sure we would have a very hard time living on foodstamps. I like the donating the rest part.
It would def be possible for my family...if we cut out all the fresh vegetables and fruits. Healthy foods are so expensive!
Just be glad you don't live in Cuba where you would have a set amount of food and you wouldn't be able to do anything legally to improve the situation.

Here in the USA you could conceivably work as much as you could to improve the standard of living of your family.

That's the difference.
Sorry, I don't mean to preach about it...
So I'd get $150 a week? That's rather tempting....
Right now I love it when we spend $120 every 2 weeks and have a full pantry for a few days.
I tried to get food stamps once, but it was so hard, so much paperwork, we just ended up supplementing from the food back.
I was just thinking, that's about what we spent when we had money coming in, but it's a little less. It's been interesting having guests lately and seeing them squirm when we try to feed them from what we have on hand. "Here, let me take you shopping..." or "I'm really not hungry this morning..." Oh well.
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