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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Glory, glory, hallelujah!

We are done with replacing the pipes! Woohoo!

The guys who came to do the work for us were EXCELLENT, and I would totally have them work for us again. If you're looking for a great HVAC group, you should call them, Square One Heating and Air Conditioning. I can't say enough good things about them. They were here on time, worked hard all day every day they were here, and stopped whenever something weird came up to find out from us what they should do. AND, they have families, so they totally understood how much we needed, for instance, the washing machine to be usable right away!

The problem was that we had a weird kind of quasi-plastic piping in our house from when it was built in 1988. When we bought this house, the owners had to disclose that it was in there, and we just put it off as long as we could. But, we'd gotten to the point where we had leaks that just couldn't be repaired, so we had to have it all pulled out and replaced with copper. Ugh. But, the guys from Square One made it as pleasant as something like that could be.

Anyway, now we need to do some repair to the drywall in different parts of the house. The worst is in the kitchen ceiling, I wish this was a better just doesn't adequately convey the horror! Theguys did as little cutting as they could, but there were a lot of places they needed to access.
Holey Ceiling, Batman!

And, do you want to hear the punchline to this whole experience? Our neighbor told us last night that there had been an action against the builders YEARS ago and they replaced all of the pipes in all of the houses in the neighborhood. The former owners of our house just chose not to have it done! My understanding is that they wouldn't cover the drywall damage, so some folks just left it figuring they wouldn't still own the house when the flood came... >:-|

So, anyway, things are more back to normal here. Thanks for your patience!


Chris does drywall. But the commute might be a bit excessive.

I'm glad things are getting back to some semblance of normalcy for you all.
People like the former owners of your house always get it back in the end. I so feel your pain but I know y'all will handle it with your standard humor.
I would offer up my DH to help you out, but I should ask him first...besides I've got my own "honey do" list. He's gonna fix the sprinklers for me before our trip. YAY! maybe when we get back.

Glad the pipe part is done. They should have sued the builder to do the repairs & replace the drywall...I mean they put it in wrong...suprised that passed code.
That must be a relief.
Oh, that's just not right!
Sounds like every homeowner's nightmare. Glad it's over for you... well, except for the drywall which is the least of it really.
Well, that certainly is a pipe nightmare!

The former owners decided to pass the problem on to YOU! How nice of them.

Your kitchen is yellow and sunny. I didn't even notice those gaping holes in the ceiling.
Nice Ceiling! YOu should go to Angie's list and write up Square One - that would help them a bunch!

Well, you know Ron will help get you less holey - hmmm, saying that outloud doesn't sound so good......
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