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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How fun!

This group of students got to spend the night in a "haunted" cemetery, as part of their college coursework! Why didn't they have classes like this when I was in school? I might have graduated...

A spirited search of ghostly haunts

Nelson and a gaggle of students from Metro State College of Denver's Crypto Science Society set up camp Saturday night at the Silver Cliff Cemetery (Protestant) and the adjoining Assumption Cemetery (Catholic), nestled among the wild grasses on the flank of the jagged Sangre de Cristo mountain range...

On this evening, Nelson and the other adventurers looked for the soft balls of light that have spooked the people of Silver Cliff for a century or more, darting blue lights that they claim jump and scamper across the cemetery - the nonworldly lights of the spirit world.

I can't say that I believe that there are orbs, and that those orbs are spirits. That stuff seems too easy to fake or make a mistake about.

That said, my girls and I do have a date to spend that night at the Stanley Hotel, up in Estes Park this fall. Hopefully, that will be interesting.

I don't have a car today, and since we all can't apparently hitch rides on the Popemobile, I guess I'm stuck home. I should probably clean, don't you think?

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Is that how people get through school nowadays?
so how close is this campground you've been trying to get me to go to to the cemetary? Better not mention that to DD...might freak her out.
Not that she believes in any of that...she just likes to think that she's afraid of stuff.
It's good to have you back blogging again!!

I don't know that I would relish any kind of haunted overnight stay. I did enjoy the haunted tour in Charleston, SC where they took us on a walking tour at night into cemeteries and various other eerie places.

I also really like Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, so maybe I WOULD like to be freaked out overnight in some totally haunted place.
I know I cursed my Organic Chemistry classes when I took them, but I wouldn't trade one of them for any of this creepy cemetary crap. No way.
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