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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Less of Jen to Love

OK, I'm getting really serious about losing weight again. I was doing great for a while, then fell off the wagon, HARD.

My endocrinologist wants me to stay at 1000 calories a day, and that's what I'm trying to do.

My friend Heather is on the same wagon, well, sort of. She's got her own goals, just like I do, but we have a lot in common. So, we started a weight loss blog, just for our own accountability. It's called Friends on Track, and you can go peek at it if you like. We'll pretty it up as we go.

Happy Sunday!

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Well, 1000 calories a day is not a whole lot but it certainly can be done. A small piece of advice that has helped me keep my weight down: grated Parmesan cheese is surprisingly lower in calories than I had once thought and I use it often to "spice" up my food. Only about 25 calories in a tablespoon so that and a little oil and garlic will do you much better than butter on most things! Good luck with it.
We'll still love you just as much. I hope that Anya isn't eating all your food again. I felt so bad for you that one time we were camping and that was all you got to eat and she wanted it.

I should try that oil & garlic trick...'cuz the butter and margarine are bad for me anyway. Course the garlic does a number on my breath.
Hi there,
Stumbled across your blog on blogexplosion tonight, and see you go to an endocronologist. So did my wife to try and get, well, I think you might know...
We are trying for a baby and just started IVF...
Good luck with your diet, and I might stop by again in the future...
Wow, that's not a lot of calories! Good luck! I've been dieting for a year now and just hit the 50 lbs lost mark, so it can be done!
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