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Monday, August 13, 2007

Field Trip Day!

Spent the day up in the mountains. I'd post pictures, but I can't find the camera. I'm going to go dig around some more...

How was your Monday?


still busy! I can't beleive all the stuff I got done after dinner.

Oh and DH sprayed my butt with the sprinkler system!

I was in the garden checking my squash while Dh was working on replacing one of the sprinkler heads in the front yard. Well he kept running to turn on the sprinkler to see if it was okay...and I didn't know he was having to cycle through the entire set of lines...well my line came up as I was bent over the squash and my butt was right over the sprinkler. I stormed up to the house and showed him his handy work. He had a good laugh.
Don't know why, but Mondays are always so busy. Maybe they just seem more busy in comparison to the weekend... I dunno.
LOLOLOL Ok... I haven't known you that long Jen... but this seems to be a tradition for you... "can't find the camera..." Tee hee... Can't wait to see the pics! Gotta pack ;)
My Monday was great since my wife made a food post on my blog - come on over if your hungry!

Btw:. Hope you'll find the camera soon:-)
Yay, another Christian homeschooling mom. I'm another born in the 70s, and while I'm not a Jennifer, my best friend is. It really was THE name of the 70s, wasn't it?
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