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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Where is my life going? I feel like I'm never home any more. Of course, that could be because I'm NOT. We've about camped ourselves to death getting ready for our big trip later this month. In case I haven't told you all, and I probably didn't because I don't know when I could have, we're going on a cross country camping/visiting family trip from here to Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania at the end of the month. Please pray for our safety and sanity as we go!

I think we've got ourselves pretty well ready, and we're comfortable with our pop up and everything, too. Whew!

I thought this comic strip was hilarious, and just goes along with my Jen diatribe from last year!

Just so you know we're still learning, even if we're not blogging... We were studying word roots today, and we found that the word "pencil" comes from the same word root as the word "penis." Think about THAT the next time you're writing your name in the snow...

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Would that be yellow snow?
If it's not, you should probably see a doctor...

Crap or not, have a great vacation and thanks for telling a Norwegian how to write in the snow. My favorite is to make snow angels though LoL
Least you keep busy during the summer months, we aren't into camping at all here.
You're back...sorta!!! Been missing you!
Well, since you mentioned penis... I was grocery shopping today. I bought a summer sausage, two large, long yellow squashes, and two large cucumbers. When I got home, I told Hubby that I felt like I was shopping for phallic symbols.
I'm glad you are ready and fully prepared for your camping extravaganza.
Enjoy it!!
I look forward to seeing pics and hearing about your adventures.
LOL! I was expecting to see a link to me for your last camping trip. Oh well. I guess I didn't mention the sick kiddos and the luggable loo. I think the question "can we poo in the loo?" will be etched on my brain forever!

I will be praying for you on your trip. Praying that you don't have any bad pain days and that you make it back. 'cuz how am I supposed to live without you? (and by live, I mean run this zoo we've created.)
Hey, are y'all coming through Cincinnati at all?
Wow, you guys are becoming camping fanatics... not that there's anything wrong with that ;-)

Have fun & enjoy the family time.

BTW the only name I can write in the snow is Blob.
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