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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Meet Kaywinnet!

We got a dog! She came from our local shelter, and she's 4 years old. They said that she's a Shetland Sheepdog mix, but there must be a WHOLE LOT of "mix" in her, because she doesn't look like their pictures, and she doesn't have a similar temperament.

She's very sweet, quiet and patient. She even let me give her a bath. Her first day home, can you believe it?

Here she is, still a little wet from the tub:

Anyway, she seems pretty perfect for us, mellow and easygoing, quiet and small enough to easily take camping. I'm so excited!

We seem to be mostly done with all the tummy stuff, so I'm glad about that, too!

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Wow! They did say it was getting cold this weekend. But I didn't think that cold. ;)

LOL! and enjoy!
Hi. Just passing by from Blogesplosion. And I wondered ~ what is a Horde?
Congratulations! She's very cute...

Our Quin is a purebred sheltie, and I can see the sheltie look in her face and ears... Shelties are usually very smart, and "tuned in" to their owners. She should be a fantastic dog for you guys!

I'm glad everyone is feeling better...

How sweet. Rescuing a dog is a wonderful gesture.

My 500th post is up now!
Congrats with a new family member - look so cute!

Btw: your welcome over if you want to get into the romantic mood :-)
Yeah, she must have a lot of "mix" in her, because she looks nothing like a pony.

Shetland pony. Get it? Anyone? No? Okay, let me back away slowly.
She's a cutie. Picking out a dog from the shelter is such a great deal for all parties. It's a win - win situation.

BTW that is one lucky dog to have found such a nice family.
Awww...she's precious! And lucky. And I'm glad y'all're getting better. We had the pukies after the reunion but when we were still in the car, causing me to get my first ever speeding ticket in a stupid dinky little Texas town because I was trying to find a bathroom for my 14-year-old who was having problems from the other direction, if you know what I mean. And so...I'm glad to be home. :-)
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