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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Love CUBE!!!

I do, I love Cube! Probably more than some of the people she gave birth to...well, at least today I do!!!!! You should go check her out at The Blog, because I can't fully express her awesomeness here, you'll just have to experience it for yourself...

Do remember last month when I was telling about my Desperation Cleaning Method? I was sharing that when I declutter, I am really brutal and I get rid of just about everything. And that it works really well, but I did say "I'm an awful pack rat, and in all the times I've purged something out of my house, there's only been once that I wish I could get something back."

I happened to mention to Cube that *the one thing* I'd gotten rid of that I'd regretted was an early copy of Stephen King's The Bachman Books. See, in the time since I donated my copy, Stephen King has removed one of the stories from the collection and will no longer allow it to be printed. The story, Rage, details a school shooting, and was written back in the day when such things ONLY happened in horror novels. When they started happening for real, he understandably yanked the story.

Not that I remember it being a great story or anything, but I was curious and wanted to read it again and found I couldn't get a hold of a copy. So, Cube (who gets my vote for Queen and Guardian of the Universe) sent me hers, for FREE!

So, thanks, Cube, you've totally made my day!

Jen and Bachman Books

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Congrats on your book! I really enjoyed Cube's blog. Very cool stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Hoard...oh and M too!
That's very cool!!

Hope you have a great day today!
Oh, now you've gone and done it... my head is swelling something fierce. My family won't be able to stand me until I come back down to earth ;-)

Renee beat me to it, but I was going to say...Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Hoard.

P.S. Cherish the book ;-)
You look very pleased with that!
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