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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mint-y Fresh!

Yesterday we toured the United States Mint, right here in Denver.

When you were a kid, were you confused that it was called a mint, but they didn't make mints there? Or, am I the only one? Also, I used to watch the soaps with my step-mom and think that Scotch must be so great, because I thought it must taste like butterscotch. Maybe I'm just weird that way.

Anyway, I learned a few interesting things while I was there. You know the dollar coins? (Is it just me, or do they look like bus tokens? I did not approve that design, no one ever asks me this important stuff.) They're going to make one for each of the presidents, at least up through Ford. Also, they're going to change the design of the penny for something-about-Lincoln's-anniversary-or-something. Sorry, my mind was wandering a bit. But, I thought it was cool that they're going to mint different pennies, and I thought I would at least pass that little bit on.

They're almost done with the quarters. They'll end next year with Alaska and Hawaii.

I'm wondering what they are planning to do next. It would be a shame to go back to the same old designs after all this neat stuff. I felt such a let down after the run of Bicentennial Quarters when we went back to the plain old eagle on the reverse, didn't you?

I was thinking that maybe we could all vote and get all sorts of people put on our coins. Why isn't there a coin for Harriet Tubman or Charles Lindbergh, for instance? Or, we could just go all pop culture and get some Elvis Presley quarters. I'd love to see an Aladdin Sane-era David Bowie on the dollar coin, wouldn't you? And, we couldn't go wrong by putting Stephen King out there, in my opinion. Heck, they do stuff like that on stamps all the time, why not currency? Just a thought, I say let the people decide.

Who would you like to see on a coin?

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Oh yes, Ziggy on the dollar, Boy George on the quarter, and Abe Lincoln on the penny.
Oh that so sucks! No not you but blogger!!!

I tried to post while signing in and it let me sign in but totally lost my comment! Drat!!!

Anyway, I was saying that I'm kinda partial to it just being our Presidents on the coins...although Susan B & Sacagwea haven't bothered me much. Perhaps they could do First Ladies on the coins? But I would really like to see them rerun the state quarters...althought that kinda makes all the folks who hoarded them out of luck. ha ha

Dh collected coins, he's gotten away from it a lot. In fact I'm not so sure he'll appreciate the proof set I got him but he'll deal. He hasn't given me a good idea as to what to get him other than a new battery for Lilly's bark collar.

And Ziggy & Boy George can't be on US currency since they were never citizens.

Ziggy on the dollar... that would be IT wouldn't it ;)

Uhhhh well... I actually like the SAME people on the coins. Its sure confusing to teach Gabriel coins when they are forever changing them ;)
What a fun field trip you had!!
I'm excited to see the new pennies!!!
I'd like a coin with little Shirley Temple's face on it.
I don't really care who or what is on the coins. Really. It's not important to me. OK, maybe a Spock quarter would make me happy ;-)
I'd want to have Mrs. Frizzle on a coin! Or maybe Albus Dumbledore. Hmm...
They didn't give you any old sample coins, did they?
Jen, what I have heard is this. After they finish with the presidential dollars, they are going to issue dollars with all the first ladies on them. After that, I believe, the next step is to issue dollar coins with the presidential mistresses on them. That program should keep us going well into the 21st Century.
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