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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not Dead!

Unlike most of the folks on the Titanic! I know, that was a painful will make sense in a minute.

It's just been a crazy run of migraines and field trips here at Casa Horde. The migraines are unfortunate, and the less said about them the better, but the field trips have been cool!

Yesterday, we were able to get in to see the Titanic Artifact Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They were showing a lot of the stuff they brought up from the wreckage of the Titanic. It was AWESOME, in every sense of the word. I'm hoping to go back on a day that isn't so packed. Homeschooling families are pretty smart, but none of us realized that yesterday was a school holiday. Duh!

When you enter the exhibit, they issue you a "boarding pass," a card with the information of someone who actually sailed on the Titanic. Then, at the end, you can check the huge list and see if your person survived or not. I was issued the card for Mrs. Margaret Ann Watson Ford, a mother of 5 travelling in 3rd Class. Even though she was in 3rd Class, I held out hope for her that she would have made it into one of the life boats. That is, until I read the little biography given for her on the card. It says, "Margaret had been deserted by her husband after giving birth to their fifth child and had difficulty supporting her family. When she heard of her eldest daughter's success in the United States, Margaret decided to take her family there." Yeah, she's going down, you just know it. I was right, too, her whole family was lost. Poor thing.

Oh, and if we all end up with the plague (again), you'll know where we got it. One of the things we all loved about the exhibit was a giant iceberg you were allowed to touch. It was made of real ice, and was taller than all of us. We were all running our hands over it, and talking about how cold it must have been in the water, when I looked and saw a little boy LICKING it! Right then, I realized that this behavior had probably been going on all day, and here we were rubbing our hands all over this big germy mess! I'm sure a lot of kids couldn't resist licking it, it was actually pretty tempting.

Then, I started to get the giggles. All I could picture in my head was someone on the deck of the Titanic, who couldn't evacuate to the lifeboats because he'd gotten his tongue stuck on the fateful iceberg! In my mind, it looked sort of like this:
tongue stuck

I'm not sure where this exhibit will travel to next, but if it comes near you it's a definite Must See! I've got to run, we've got another field trip today. See you tomorrow!

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giggle & snerk!

Oh and if folks don't have the Titanic coming to them, they can also see it at the Tropicana in Vegas...pretty much the same thing only they made reproductions of the staircase and the deck...both really pretty.

My person survived but DD & E's both perished.

There's a website where you can get more info on your person...if they survived you'll find out what happened afterward.
I already had a link to that site in my post :-)
Oh dear! That came to Cincinnati but for some reason we couldn't/didn't go see it.

I found out last week that my great-grandmother came over on the Oceanic, which was one of Titanic's sister ships. It looks eerily like Titanic. Gave me the shivers to look at.

RYQ: I had to stop reading The Ghost Map because I had so much else going on this month. I do think you'd find it interesting, though. It's much on the same lines as the flu books we talked about last winter. In fact, I've incorporated some of the information I've gotten in that book into my NaNo novel.

Happy tripping!
The Enterprise Christmas Party Invitation is now on my Journal! Hope you can come.
I double dog dare ya!!!

LOL, I would have loved to watch you hold back that laughter.
We saw a similar exhibit a few years back. It never occurred to me people might have been licking the ice wall, though. Ew.
Cool. It sounds like something we'd like to visit. OK, we won't touch or lick the iceberg. Thanks for the heads up.
Sounds like a really interesting and exciting exhibition - thanks for sharing all the joy :-)

Btw: Your welcome over to celebrate an anniversary with me :-)
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