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Friday, November 16, 2007

Reading, reading!

I can't blog a lot today. I'm leading a discussion for my homeschool group (the parents, not the kids) of Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings tonight and I want to quickly go through it again today. So, I'm going to pull a Bill Cosby for breakfast (ie, feed the kids chocolate cake) and get reading!

What do you think would be a good book for a discussion group?

When I asked the other day about who you all thought should be on any upcoming coins for circulation, these are the answers I got:
Zigggy Stardust
Boy George
Abe Lincoln (for the penny, he said)
The First Ladies
Shirley Temple
Ms. Frizzle
Albus Dumbledore
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
Francis C. Flaherty
Robert R. Scott

Thanks you guys, you are all so cool!

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Not too long ago, I read the most extraordinary book, "Infinite Jest", but it was one of those books I would be hesitant to recommend for a reading group.

I loved reading it so much that I dreaded finishing it because there would be no more of it. That's the kind of book it was. That said, my taste in books can run to what some might call weirdly tortuous.
Sorry that I missed it, I bet it was fun. :(

The wedding went very well. DH & I were both impressed with the Judge doing such a nice service. The dinner was took wayyyy too long and was just pricy. Their (Simms Landing) great view of Denver is now RUINED by a Ford Dealership. blech! It was so bright we couldn't see most of the view.
Dumbledore! There is one I never thought of ;)
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