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Friday, December 28, 2007

Denver's #4!

Most Literate U.S. Cities: Minneapolis and Seattle

Residents of Minneapolis and Seattle are the most bookish and well-read, according to results from a new survey released today of the most literate American cities.

The survey focused on 69 U.S. cities with populations of 250,000 or above. Jack Miller of Central Connecticut State University chose six key indicators to rank literacy. These included newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing resources, educational attainment and Internet resources.

Overall, the top 10 most literate (and wired) cities included:

1 Minneapolis, Minn.
2 Seattle, Wash.
3 St. Paul, Minn.
4 Denver, Colo.
5 Washington, D.C.
6 St. Louis, Mo.
7 San Francisco, Calif.
8 Atlanta, Ga.
9 Pittsburgh, Pa.
10 Boston, Mass.

Minneapolis, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Denver and Washington, D.C., have made the top 10 every year since 2003, when the survey first launched.
Yay us!

Not that the Horde is doing anything particularly literary today. We're having a Christmas celebration with some family friends tonight, and today we washed all the furry pets.

Kaywinnet, the dog, was pretty easy. She doesn't like it, but she puts up with it. She gets baths pretty regularly. Tigger and Star, however, were very upset to find their little kitty-selves under the showerhead. We've never bathed them before, so I wasn't sure how it was going to go. They just seemed kind of greasy (can cats get greasy?) so we thought it was worth a try. They're still wettish, so it's hard to tell how they'll turn out. I don't think they shrunk any ;-)

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LOL on the shrinking cats. Way back when we had cats we found that the best way to get them dry is to put them in a small room (ie bathroom) with a spaceheater in it. They absolutely HATE blowdriers and will scratch you a new mouth if you try to use one on them. They aren't so fond of the space heater either, but at least it isn't blasting them. And yeah, cats do need baths.

I saw once to bathe a cat you should fill up one sink with the soapy water and the other with rinse water...dip cat in soapy, massage it in and then dip in rinse and massage it out.

Dogs get the shower, cats get a dip.

speaking of showers...oh Lilly!
Literary: very readable post :-)

Good to know you have a great Yuletide!

Wishing you and your family A Happy New Year!
Ahhh, cat baths. I'll be happy when the weather is warmer, and we can wash our outdoor cat. She is filthy! :)

So, where did Providence rank on that literacy study? :)

I'm glad to see Atlanta made the list, but I'm not sure if they would be in the top 10 or not.
All the yuppie cities made the list...imagine that.

No love for Kentucky? WV? Tennessee? I can't imagine why they didn't make the list.
How do they compose these lists?
What are we Floridians, chopped liver? Sheesh.

About your pets, the dogs forget, but the cats will remember the indignity of a bath forever.
I'm not sure I trust the "literate" figures. They seem to be based on what is available, not what is done.
That is, the list tells you who has the most bookstores, newspapers, magazines published etc., but it doesn't really say anything about whether any of them are actually read by the citizens.
Washington DC I am most familiar with. The vast majority of the "literacy tools" are being used by the folks in the 'burbs or by the government types. The govies all leave town before the sun goes down. The govies are a subset of the 'burbs set. I would be surprised to find that DC rated high as a literate city if you only counted the folks who actually live there.
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