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Friday, January 25, 2008

Life is going on and on and on!

Wow, it's been SOOOOO busy here!

I don't know if you all remember, but a few months ago we got a houseguest, she's staying here while she is going through a (rather nasty) divorce. Well, a lot has changed here recently, and her kids are coming over to visit her here several times a week, and every other weekend. It's TOTALLY AWESOME to see them, but it's hectic here because that makes 9 kids in the house pretty regularly. So, it's chaos, but a good kind of chaos.

I've been doing a lot more walking, I'm gearing up for a long walk in the fall. I'll give you more details when I iron them out. I'm up to 10-12 miles a week, and I haven't gotten lost again! Plus, today, I met another woman who was out walking, and we exchanged phone numbers so I may have a walking buddy right in my neighborhood!

in about 15 minutes, we'll be doing signups for our homeschool group's co-op. Tomorrow I will try to come back in and let you all know what we're going to be doing, unless the 9 kids thing overwhelms me, in which case I'll be back on Monday!

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LOL! You and Heather are watching the clock with me.
I am glad you are walking, I really want to do that walk this year. Speaking of that I need to get to the gym!

This is Anne
I bet as hectic as it is, It is a total blast with all those kids around. I would be in heaven.
I use a pedometer & try for
10,000+ steps a day.
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