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Monday, February 18, 2008

Cleaning! My brain and my house...

You may remember from way back in June that we've had a long-term houseguest. She's been staying with us while going through a nasty divorce (ooh, it's been hard to watch!) Anyway, the divorce isn't finalized yet, but she's able to get on her feet and she moved out Friday afternoon.

She wasn't a problem while she was here, and I miss her already, but I think her moving kicked me into gear to clean up my house a bit. And, when that happens, I can't let anything stop me, because that's awfully rare! So, over the weekend I've deep cleaned a lot of the kitchen, and the knick knack hutch. I cleaned the glass globes for the chandelier (man, between the dust on the globes, and on the bulbs themselves, it was DARK in here! Yikes!)

Also, I'm trying to sort my brain out. I was on a great medication a while back, but I stopped taking it because my insurance didn't cover it and it was kind of pricey. It wasn't anything I needed for any of my medical issues, but it did help me sleep well and wake up ready to have a day. When I quit taking it, I didn't notice any problems right away. But, one day I woke up and I just couldn't find my "give a damn." I just didn't care about anything! It took me a week or so to figure out what the problem was, and a little while longer to go pick up the prescription and let it work. But now I feel EVER SO MUCH better! Yay Rozerem!

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hummm I didn't get the cleaning bug when my mom left. LOL! I guess that's how we are different.

I hope you're feeling better soon...I did notice how you were up all night again.
I wish I had your get-up-and-go for cleaning house. Mine got-up-and-went a long time ago & I haven't seen it since.

I only know of Rozarem from the commercials, but I'm glad it's helping you feel better.
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