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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Co-ops Thirteen!


Thirteen Co-op Classes the Horde is taking

Our homeschool group offers a co-op 3 times a year. The way it works is sort of like and education/socialization potluck. Everyone who's interested offers at least one class (or field trip, or party, etc) and that's the price of admission for them to participate in what everyone else has offered. Our co-op is run by Renee over at fefyfomanna!

These are the ones we're doing.

1. Follow in the footsteps of Dinosaurs
Course Description: Follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs and of ancient insects four feet long! We will meet at South Valley Park (Jefferson County Open Space) for this two mile hike. We will follow the guided trail, with descriptions of the dinosaurs and giant insects that once lived here, the geological formations, and the Native American cultures that dwelt here in more modern times.
2. Lapbook/Unit Study Idea Night (this one is from Maura at Woodstone Prairie.)
CLASS DESCRIPTION: If you are lapbooking, notebooking, journaling or using unit studies as part of your homeschool this is a chance for you to share what your kids are doing and get some new ideas.
3. Tour Celestial Seasonings
We would love to host you in our beautiful hometown of Boulder, Colorado, so consider a visit to our facility when making your vacation plans. We offer FREE tours every day (except major holidays), and in addition to seeing the world's most advanced tea production plant, you'll have the chance to enjoy the extensive display of original artwork in our gallery and enjoy free samples of all our tea flavors.
4. Tour CiCi's Pizza
Class Description: Come join us for a tour of Cici’s pizza. Tour the kitchen facility and make some pizza. Afterwards we can all enjoy the buffet lunch together.
5. Gun Battle in the Park
CLASS DESCRIPTION: This will just be like a park day, only please bring any TOY guns you have, and the kids can have a battle. My sons love to do this, especially with lots of other kids.
6. Adults Only: Book Discussion (This one is offered by Heather N at Life as We Know It)
CLASS DESCRIPTION: We will be reading and the getting together for a discussion of the book The Reluctant Journey of David Conners. Find out more information on the book here
7. Mom's Night Potlucks
I signed up for 2 of these, Potato Bar and Appetizers and Dessert.
8. Tour the Edgar Mine in Idaho Springs
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Students and staff at the mine conduct guided tours for the general public throughout the year. Tours generally last one hour, but can be tailored to accommodate some special requests. More than one-half mile of underground workings representing over 100 years of mine development are covered on the tour. Lighted displays showing drilling, blasting, and mucking equipment are displayed on the mine tour and items of discussion include mining practice, mining economics, and the role of the mining industry in modern society.
9. African Safari (this one comes from Liese at The Colorado Adventure)
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Passport to Africa. We’ll travel from the Sahara to the Kalahari, and visit the rain forest and Savanna on the way. We’ll listen to stories from Africa and make some sand art, rock art, loincloths and necklaces. We’ll learn about rivers and an oasis and play some games. We’ll make some small drums and learn how to send a message to a far away tribe. Leave with a folder full of pictures and games to play at home. I’ll send you a passport to fill out, bring it with you for our trip.
10. What is Yeast?
CLASS DESCRIPTION: We'll learn all about yeast and how it works by doing three experiments. We'll watch what happens when we feed yeast, make bread with yeast, and make root beer with yeast.
11. Making Pillowcases
CLASS DESCRIPTION: May daughter and I will teach how to make a basic pillowcase. Kids will learn to thread a machine, sew a straight line, and sew a zig zag line.
These next two are classes that I'm offering!

12. Make Pysanky
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Pysanky are Easter Eggs created by using a wax resist method, and are originally from the Ukraine. (The singular is pysanka.)

pysankyThese eggs are just used as an example, I'll post some of the eggs we actually make after the class!
13. Sara and Jen's Excellent Adventure (Sara is another mom, we're working this one together.)
CLASS DESCRIPTION: Give your child a first hand experience of history. In this co-op, the kids will choose a true life historical figure, dress as that person, and give a little talk to the rest of us telling about their life in the first person. (For instance, "My name is Cleopatra and I was born in...") Please also have your child add his or her interpretation of what this figure would think of our modern life.

This is NOT meant to be stressful, please do not spend a ton of money or freak the kids out about getting everything perfect. We’re just trying to give everyone a taste of the past with a little fun added in for interest!

We will also create a living timeline with all of the historical figures included, so be sure to bring a camera.

So far for this one we've got Susan B. Anthony, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Elvis Presley, Mother Jones, Leonardo DaVinci, Boudica and Blackbeard the Pirate. There are still quite a few kids who haven't decided yet, so this should be pretty great!

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Great list of things to do. I wish I were still homeschooling so we can do these fun things. are a busy family! The eggs look amazing!
You almost make me want to homeschool! But there isn't that much support in our area. :-( But what I want to know is what do kids learn by running around with toy guns? Just kidding, I know it's a lot of fun. We make guns out of legos!
What fun. Home schooling wasn't around in my day, but I sure wish it had been. Very well done and it really sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great TT. :)
What a great list. You are so creative.We home schooled so I remember planning activities well.
sounds like you're gonna have lots of fun! so nice that you linkyed us up.
How about that one where you mix baking soda with something and make a volcano? I love this kind of hands on learning.
Sounds like some really fun field trips for the kids. I'd love to tour Celestial Seasonings.

Your eggs are fabulous---you definitely should do a T13 on 13 of them.

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A good list. You do so much!
School wasn't this much fun when I was a kid.
That's a pretty amazing list!
Thanks for visiting my Dalai Lama TT.
I lived in the Kalahari and made bread using a home made yeast recipe.Basic recipe, as far as I can remember: a sliced potato in a bottle, with warm water, a little sugar and some ordinary yeast, (salt?), just to get the 'plant' working. It was called a 'yeast plant'. ('Aartappelsuurdeeg' in Afrikaans). This was used to make two large loaves of bread, or 'rusk bread' -(sweet).-Perhaps you could find out the correct recipe when you pass through the Kalahari, and let me know?
Thank you in anticipation!
Well done and good luck!
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