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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally well again!

Man, that influenza is NASTY! Even with the Tamiflu, it knocked us flat for a few days. We're mostly better now, just hoarse and still coughing. No fevers or aches, though, and that was some of the worst.

There's an interesting article out today. Apparently, they've found more possible graves at Barker Ranch, one of the hideouts of the Manson Family. It's worth a read, there's a lot of interesting forensic information even if you're not interested in the Manson case.

Forensic experts at Manson site: Dig

And the results of just-completed followup tests suggest bodies could indeed be lying beneath the parched ground. The test findings — described in detail to The Associated Press, which had accompanied the site search — conclude there are two likely clandestine grave sites at Barker Ranch, and one additional site that merits further investigation.
According to Family lore, there should be a few bodies up there still. I'm curious to see how this comes out. I hope they follow up.

Yesterday was our 16th Anniversary. Or, as Davin says, our 2 to the 4th power Anniversary. We were supposed to get silver holloware (yeah, I didn't know either, you can read about it here), but instead we got a BRAND NEW LAPTOP!!!! Could you tell I was typing from somewhere else when you read this? Of course you could...

I'll be in and out all week, we have family in town and a ton of sightseeing planned.

Hope all is well with you, Happy Saturday!

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Glad to hear that you're feeling better finally! We sure missed you. Your new laptop looks great ;)

I hope your voice comes back soon.
Glad you are all better now! Happy late anniversary and enjoy the laptop!
Glad you're better and happy anniversary!
Good to here that you're all better.

The Manson family bragged about killing many people. I'm sure if they look, they will find bodies.

BTW have you named your new laptop yet?
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