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Monday, April 14, 2008

70 miles!

I've walked *~*70 miles*~* so far in preparation for my MS Challenge Walk in October. Woohoo!

I'm 34% of the way to the my financial goal of $1500. A big thanks to everyone who's donated! If you want to join them, you can click here and lend a hand. As you all know, my mom has MS, and it's a horrible disease. Hopefully, if we all work together, we can find a cure!

I still have six months to get ready, and it's starting to feel real. I think I'm gonna make it!

Still looking for recommendations for books on tape. Right now I'm walking my way through Stephen King's Bag of Bones. I've been downloading books from, which is a pretty good deal. My membership allows a new one every month, which is right about my speed for going through them, given that I listen to music some of the time, too.

Wow, 70 miles. That seems really far to me!

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WOW! Way to go. If gas prices weren't so high, I would drive over and walk with you...or do scarry books work better for you? ;)

how are you feeling? I hope better than this morning.
That's awesome! My husband loves books on tape, I'll have to check out
I have never really done the books on tape thing, but I loved Bag of Bones.
I don't know if it helps, but the
last SK books I read were "Cell" and "Everything's Eventual".
Way to go! I am always elated whenever I read about other people's commitment towards making a difference with themselves and others around them!

Empowering Youth
Good for you, Jen! I'm proud of you! I thought Renee was going to say, "If gas prices get much higher, we'll all be walking everywhere."
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