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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Extreme Ironing


Who knew ironing was so thrilling? Maybe if someone advocates Extreme Kitchen Cleaning, I'll get my dishes under control.



how did they get power for the irons out there?

I try really hard to not buy clothing that requires ironing...and if I forgot something in the dryer too long..I toss it back in there with a wet towel.

However MIL LOVES to Iron! she's like possessed or something. She used to earn $$ ironing and she still loves it. weird I tell you, just plain weird.
renee: Ironing is one of those mindless tasks that some people find soothing because they can do it on automatic pilot. Also, it has a definite beginning, middle, and end. Some folks find that very satisfying.

Me, I hate ironing. I will have to remember that wet towel trick of yours.

Actually, I hate all kinds of housework. I do the minimum I can get away with and that's all.
I hate ironing, but I'm not sure this would make it any more fun for me. :)
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