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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I love the smell of fear in the morning!

You probably wonder what I'm doing up at 3:30 in the morning. Actually, if you've been reading here long, you probably don't.

But, today is different. I was well on my way to a full night's sleep not long ago. I'd even taken one of my Rozerems, an awesome sleeping pill that I'd misplaced until recently (Only Users Lose Drugs). I was tucked in good and proper and nearly comatose when I was scared more than half to death. Probably closer to three-quarters or seven-eighths to death.


Because, quietly at first, then growing louder, our piano started to play itself. Up and down the scale, over and over.

My reaction will show how truly unliberated I am, and that I'm a coward to boot. I whacked Davin and demanded that he get up and investigate.

Davin found his glasses, and bravely ran off to confront the burglar or ghost or whatever it was. I mostly laid in bed hyperventilating, trying hard not to pee while listening for him to be killed.

He sorted out the problem right away. It was Maya's cat Tigger, walking up and down the keys. He has no doubt been saving up this bit of revenge ever since the hat incident. Serves me right.

Long story short (too late) I'm up now, fully awake and ready for the day. Nothing gets the blood pumping like an early morning freak out, good grief!

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AAAHH!! I totally would have freaked out. I'm so glad it was just the cat, but I'd be inclined to scold the livin' daylights out of him!
Oh that's hilarious!!

Hey, I thought of you the other night when we watched I am's sort of Zombieish, aren't you glad to know any sign of zombies and I think of Jen.
LOLOL That is freaky!
ROTFLOL!!! You have a feline virtuoso!

I hope that Davin closed the piano.
lol! I find that cats in hats always cause trouble.

sheri mentioned zombies in her comment. I think you're going to feel like one before today is over.
Haha! I've been known to be completely brainless when woken up by animals in the middle of the night. I was once sure the cow mooing outside our bedroom window was about to come crashing through the cinderblock wall and kill me.
Ha, ha, ha!! I hope you didn't pee since you were trying so hard not to while your hubby was risking life and limb to confront the pianist.
I don't think I could get fully awakened at 3:30 in the morning unless it was a majorly major emergency of some kind.
our cat always wakes me up at night, but she;s outside and the reason she wakes me is cos she's a wh*re.
Obviously the cat was signalling that it needed or wanted something. Cats are like that. They decide its time for icecream or ... and they have no reluctance to wake up the human staff.

But, it was a very funny story.
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