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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Those Were the Days


What does this make you think of?

This reminds me of my crazy friends from high school. We were never as co-ordinated as these girls, but we used to do goofy stuff like this all the time.

Did you have friends like that, friends you'd go anywhere or do anything with? Once, we drove around downtown stripped down to our bras and underwear with our phone numbers written on the back windows of the car. We broke into an acquaintance's house at night to hide Easter Eggs, and into another's to wish her a happy birthday at midnight (we wanted to be the first!) And more. Nothing was too far, too loud, or too wild when we were together.

My only excuse for this behavior is, "Seemed like a good idea at the time."

I don't do stuff like that any more. Part of my problem is that I'm 37 now, and far too practical. Also, I wouldn't be caught dead in public in my bra and underwear (and not just for modesty reasons, ugh I gotta keep the works covered up these days!) I still have a ton of friends and a ton of fun, just not the same way I used to.

I don't know who these girls are (here's their myspace), but I'm glad for this excuse to meander down memory lane!

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I think I was born practical. I never did crazy stuff like that... um, I did jump off my roof once, but I don't think that counts.
I didn't do crazy stuff like that as a kid either... My first ever TP was your house!

What that video made me think of was that I'm tired! LOL!

I'm guessing they got a good work out from all of that.
I can relate - we used to do things that ran more towards minor vandalism (egging, tp'ing)or harmless trespassing - just for its own sake, to look around and not get caught. I don't really know why, just boredom I suppose and looking for excitement.

I had accomplices too. Nobody ever went to jail :)
The boxes are very useful!
I was far too worried about what others thought...I still had a lot of fun and was on several "lists" around town (lists that security guards kept when we trespassed...sigh), but no running around in my underwear, I ALWAYS made sure I was fully clothes when jumping in the fountain at the Civic Center...
Yep, I had friends with whom CRAZY was the norm.
Fun times!
I too, also, as well would not be sporting bra and panties or bikini in public. It's one piece swimwear all the way AND a sarong tied around the waist for complete coverage until the moment my bod enters the water.
I'm KNOW your crazy days are not over. It's you were talking about, lady. Thank the Lord my crazy days are not over either. Life is more fun with a dash of crazy mixed in.

Hooray for YOU with all the walking!!!!!
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