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Friday, May 16, 2008

Not Dead! (Well, some of the kids are undead.)

I'm not dead!

You know you've been neglecting your blog when your dad calls to check if you're still alive. At least he didn't call the local police and send them out for a welfare check, although that would have been blogworthy!

I've been busy here and there. My big news today is that I've walked 100 miles in training for my MS Challenge Walk in October. Go donate money if you want to help out :-)

Of course, 100 miles doesn't seem like a lot when I think of all the miles my brother probably RAN in boot camp, but I'm still excited.

Speaking of, he graduated! He's a full-fledged U.S. Marine. Isn't he handsome?

Jared at MC graduation

And here is a photo of the homeschool project I was talking about earlier. The kids all dressed up and gave speeches as if they were famous people from history. Of course, they played a little fast and loose with it here and there, as you can tell from Blackbeard's light saber.


From left to right, and in order of time period: Cleopatra, Boudicca, Queen Zenobia, Mulan, Joan of Arc, Blackbeard, Susan B. Anthony, Juliette Low, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frederick Libbey, Christopher Robin Milne and Andy Warhol. (Mine were Cleopatra (Maya), Joan of Arc (Sage) and Susan B. Anthony (Anya).

Afterwards, Anya (Susan B. Anthony) asked if she could be someone with a weapon next time, because her "Votes for Women" picket sign was of little use against Blackbeard and Joan of Arc when the speeches were over and the kids went out to goof off.

Finally, she and her special friend Sam (ie Andy Warhol) reverted to being zombies in an attempt to thwart their armed colleagues.

EA-Susan B and Andy Warhol Zombies

Yep, homeschooling at its best.

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congratulations on the 100 miles and on!
Oh how cute! They had matching crocks! ;)

Well Juliette Low didn't need or want a weapon...she never does.
Well if I hadn't talked to you on the phone I would be worried too, a month without blogging!!

Congrats on the uber walking!

Haha! Yes, homeschooling *can* be fun.

Duuuude! You're going to see Gee's Bend? I missed it when I was here. Slobber over them for me, will you?

Your brother is a dish, no doubt.

You went a month w/o blogging? Wow!
You beat me in the blog neglecting department, but you more than made up for it with an eventful post.

Congrats to your brother! Semper fi.

The kids looked awesome... even the zombified ones.
100 miles! Wooo hoo! And LOL on the Zombies... Iona is still sad we missed that one! You are going to make it an annual thing... right?
Glad to see you around, Jen!
What fun! I love the costumes, and especially the zombies.
100 miles!!! That is terrific!
Your bro is handsome and a total stud for completing his training. I have such respect and awe for all the members of our military.
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