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Friday, May 23, 2008

Pretty much back to normal

I spent yesterday washing sheets and towels, and throwing away make up. Oh, and putting in eye drops. 4 times a day you have to do that! I don't get to do anything 4 times a day.

But, the good news is that I think we're all back to normal. Or, normal for us.

Oh, I spent a lot of time surfing around youtube. This isn't the world's most appropriate video, but it cracked me up and that says a lot considering the day I had yesterday. I'm just trying to imagine the world where this guy is a rock star.

Renee, this is different than the one I put on the board.

A good thing that happened yesterday was that my favorite guilty pleasure TV show started it's 4th season last night. I love that show!

Better run, we're off to a field trip! Catch you up later...

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I suppose we all have those guilty pleasure tv shows we wouldn't admit to watching.
Bwahahahaha! That video is hilarious. Even without the subtitles.

I love that show, too. I record all the dances (not the comments or anything, just the dances) and then save them to a DVD. Is that weird?
Is that the show with the judge who yells, "Wooo"? If it is, my girls love to watch too.

About the video, those Indian videos are a hoot even without the subtitles.
Oh yeah, we used to see videos like that in the Indian restaurants in San Jose all the time. Big productions on big projections TV's, but dang the food was GOOD

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