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Monday, July 28, 2008

Gasp! (Literally!)

Guess what I saw in the road while I was out walking the other night?

A nasal cannula. How do you lose one of those on the side of the road? I hope they have a back up. I just have a horrible picture of someone's Grandpa whizzing around in a convertable and getting the cannula ripped clean off his face...although if he was driving fast enough, that might keep the oxygen rushing right up his nose until he could get home and hook back up, I suppose.

As a side note, Anya needed oxygen until she was 7 months old, most of that time by cannula. (Before that she had a CPAP, and before that she was on a ventilator with an ET tube.) So I'm pretty familiar with all this breathing apparatus stuff, and it was just extra weird to see one just laying there in the road.

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Perhaps that fell out of someone's trash? I know when my mom was here she had to replace hers a few times. She would push them far into the trash as to not gross anyone out.
The rental place gave her green colored tubing for her O2 machine here. She liked it because she was worried about someone tripping on her lines when she went to the bathroom, but the green made it very easy to see them. Back at home they give her clear tubing.
Well at least it wasn't a catheter.


The mind boggles!
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