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Sunday, July 13, 2008

So much for that new direction!

Sorry I've been absent. This walking training is like having a part time job, which is apparently what blogging used to be for me.

But, the walking is going well. Tonight I nearly walked out of my pants. I held them up and walked into WalMart and bought some smaller ones. So, I'm not apparently losing any weight, but something is coming off!

We have 2 new pets since I posted last, a cat named Kahless and a snow corn snake named Yuan-Ti. Yes, we're geeks, why do you ask?

I can't sleep tonight, so I thought I'd bug you all. What's up? How was the 4th? (Our city fireworks display caught fire, oops!) Anything exciting going on?

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I should have read your blog first...then I wouldn't already know all of this. LOL!

yay on the pants!
Ah, yes, the scale can lie, but pants never do.
Wow! A's well named.
Ah maybe that is why my pants are loose and my blog has been neglected. It can be blamed on my walking. WHOOHOO!!!!
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