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Thursday, August 07, 2008


We went camping with our homeschool group. There were 10 families there (wow!), which translates into about 7 zillion kids and 5 or so dogs. We filled a lot of the campground, which made it feel very cozy and safe.

The kids ranged from 15 on down to 18 months, and they all got along pretty well. They're growing up, and it's bittersweet. Some of the kids have been in this group since it started, back in 2001, and it's weird to think they won't be kids forever.

And it was great to have so much grown up time! I didn't really know all of the other parents very well before the trip, and I really feel like I got a chance to connect with everyone. You end up getting a pretty good glimpse at someone's personality when you've spent a few days getting dirty and flooded out with them, and I was impressed with everyone who came.

And flood it did. The last night was a bit on the "dramatic" side, easily the worst rain we've ever camped in. We had a river running through our camper for about 15 minutes, until Davin saved the day by tossing a tarp over the side that was getting hammered. And the hail didn't help much, although the kids and I had a lot of fun loudly proclaiming, "What the hail is going on around here?" Try it, it's fun!

Some of the other folks, in tents especially, had a rough time. That was the worst part of the night, worrying about everyone else. We kept tabs on the other campers as best we could, just to make sure no one got washed away!

And, this morning, we needed another family's help just to tear down our camp. Something is wrong with one of the bed rails on the pop up, and it didn't want to slide in. There's no way to pull it if it's not popped down, so if the other family hadn't been there to help we'd be living in Central City now! We are so glad they were still there, whew!

I can't find my camera, so hopefully I will get some photos soon from other (read: more responsible) parents. Until then, just picture us in the sun, happy, and busy!

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Glad that you didn't have to worry about me. Yeah, I think the two tenties who stayed had possibly the worst places for tents in the campground. I'm glad to hear that everyone made it out okay. and hopefully your popup is all better now.
Glad to hear everyone made it safe & sound through the rain. Yikes, it sounds like you're getting as much rain as we are in Florida.
Hey Jen! Wanted to see how you are! Hope all is well with you! :) Beth in CO
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