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Friday, August 29, 2008


I've even left the house semi-clean this time! So, if you're going to break in, just sweep and mop the kitchen, and clean up any messes you make while you're here...

Oh, and clear out by Monday, when we'll be getting back.


hey did you at least leave the pantry stocked for our party? Or should I hit up costco?

hope you have a great time, how frequently do you need those get out of a hike calls?
I hope you have a great time.

I remember hearing someone (I think the author/speaker's name was Smiley, but I can't track hime down) say that camping trips were the best way to build family relationships.

He explanation was that with camping trips something always went wrong. At the moment people may be upset and frustrated. But relationships are strengthened when people go through tough times together.

When things don't go as expected the children may complain, but two weeks later they'll be tight.

I hope you don't have any really bad experiences. But if you do, just remember in two weeks your children will be bragging to their friends about the camping trip they endured, and telling it other what an adventure it was.
Have fun. Don't worry. I locked the door on my way out.
Will do. You won't know I've been.
Everyone alright? Did you ever get any answers about Maya's hearing?
Jen, what's up? No posts--I'm getting worried. Hope you and the family are doing well.

Amanda in RI
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