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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hey Bryan and Baxter!

Wow! Turns out those guys we went to see last night from the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society aren't just paranormal researchers, they're genuine psychics as well!

Or, at least I thought they were for a little bit there, when they were telling me all about my yarn projects, and my dental work, and they knew all of my kids by name... That's about the closest I've ever come to actually crapping my pants in public (not that I crap them in private...much...moving on!)

In an effort to show everyone in the audience how rampant fraud is, and how easy it could be to fool someone, they told us they were doing to do a "cold reading." They did a pretty fabulous reading last night, they picked my family out of the crowd, talked about my knitting projects, and my dental work and until Baxter named the the "Crazy Hot" yarn I'm using on my latest sock project, I really had no idea how they were doing it! Then it hit me, duh, I was just blogging about that today! And the floodgates of understanding opened about as widely as they ever do for me.

While I normally don't ever tell on my blog where I'm going to be at any specific time, as you can see I did yesterday. I didn't give enough information, *I thought*, for someone to figure out exactly where I'd be, but I was wrong. It was enough that the guys could search for anyone who posted that they'd be there, find my blog, memorize some stuff about us, and give a very authentic sounding reading. That'll learn me!

We all learned to be more skeptical of these readings we see, and I learned not to be so darn transparent on my blog!

I'm just glad I haven't blogged anything too embarrassing lately! Once I recognized where the information was coming from, my brain started shorting out because I was trying to remember what I posted lately. "Did I talk about overdrawing the checking account? Being constipated? That weird rash? Think, woman!" This is one of the times I'm grateful that I haven't been posting as much as I used to. Whew!

It was a very worthwhile presentation, we all had a blast! They showed some "ghost photos" and explained why they were not real. But, they also shared some photos, video and sound recordings that couldn't be explained (ooh, spooky!) And, they dished the dirt on the dirt under our old favorite, the Stanley Hotel. There was a ton of other stuff, too, I ended up wishing I'd taken notes.

Also, they gave a painless explanation of the scientific method as it relates to their work; how they can have problems recreating their results, etc. So, heck, it counts as school, too! Can't beat that!

There are still a few more dates on the library's calendar if anyone wants to check them out. You can find that all here. I recommend it, it was a most welcome diversion, and gave us all a lot to think about. ETA: Just don't blog about it first unless you want a whole lot of attention...

Thanks, Bryan and Baxter and everyone from the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society, that was great!

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just remember to NOT blog about going to see them right before you go...right? ;)

I'm glad it was fun.
Yeah, I should add that...
Maybe there is some advantage to not blogging regularly for awhile... Leaves B and B less material to work with. Still, while they were hot, you should have hit them up for some lottery numbers.
You crack me up, Dad.
Psychics B and B? Sounds like that's short for Bamboozle and Bilk. I hope no money exchanged hands.
Nah, totally free! I guess I should have specified that they were doing this to show people how easy it could be to defraud someone...
Ha ha...good one! Sounds like something I'd do (especially getting that freaky feeling...but not crapping my pants).

I'm sorry about your computer. I figure this is my way of weaning off quickly. Today I very much hate my computer and all its components.
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