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Friday, February 27, 2009

Why are Goldfish Crackers so darn good?

I read the ingredient list carefully, and it doesn't say anything about heroin, meth *or* crack cocaine. Unless "monocalcium phosphate" is slang for that stuff now. Kids these days, I'm not hep to their jive any more...

Seriously, I think I need to put the crackers down and actually drive away from my house to stop eating them!

Is there some sort of 12 Step program I can join to get the Goldfish monkey off my back? Maybe one with 24 steps, so I can curb my Twilight habit, too?

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LOL! We had to just stop buying them. Our habbit was so bad that I have two plastic gallon containers that we got full of goldfish crackers once...I now use them to store noodles.

Of course now we have graduated to Cheeze-its!
They're good. We all love them... in moderation, of course. Yeah, right ;-)
we love them in tomato soup. or just handfuls between dinner. i've never even read what the ingredients are.
:D mmmmmmmm twilight
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