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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Leftover cat

Sorry I've been away so long. It was a busy weekend and then we had co-op signups, and I just didn't have a lot of time.

OK, maybe this video isn't that funny, but it hit me just right because I was actually trying to do this with the shed fur of a Norwegian Elkhound who visited us the other day. I made about 6" of yarn by hand, just as a proof of concept, then gave up because it was labor intensive.

I was all ready to say how I think it's weird, but then I remembered that we have a jar full of cat fur that my kids harvested from our soon-to-be-put-down kitty. So, since I know *we're* not weird at all, this must be OK. Just nod politely.

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*nodding politely*

I actualy think spinning is awesome and wish I could afford a wheel. There's something about spinning that helps me relax. Maybe the focus of it.

I don't think our cats shed enough, though....
I would love to have a spinning wheel, too. I think it would have made the dog yarn go much faster. I was just getting it web and rubbing it between my palms...
I've seen folks who have spun animal fur before...but I feel sorry for the poor shaved kitties! It would be much better if they were just brushed to harvest the fur.
my dog is a mix, sheppard, collie, husky and has a TON of fur, think of the army i could knit for! i actually think it's a great idea, especially as a keepsake, but have no idea how to spin it.
Renee, I think they were shaving the kitties anyway, to keep their hair from matting. At least that was the impression I got...

Better Safe, I bet you could find someone to spin it for you. :-)
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