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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to the 70s!

These are the shows I used to LOVE when I was 10 and under...

The Hardy Boys-I had such a crush on Shaun Cassidy that I cried myself to sleep one night because I realized that I would never meet him. That's pretty deep, considering I was 6 at the time :-(

Battlestar Galactica-I freaking LOVED this show! I was so sad when it went off the air, then they replaced it with that shameful wreck Galactica 1980. Ugh. The new one was pretty good, but this is the one I grew up with, and I still can't get used to Starbuck being a girl.

The Six Million Dollar Man-I used to make that weird ch-ch-ch-ch sound when I was running, and pretend I was bionic too.

The Tomorrow People-This was a super cheesy British show, but the idea was interesting. The main characters seemed like normal people, until some time in puberty when their powers emerged. Turns out they are the next step in human evolution, and they can read minds and teleport themselves. Fun show!

Star Trek-This was in reruns by the time I got a hold of it, but it was probably the favorite TV of my entire childhood! I so wanted to be on the Enterprise, wearing one of those miniskirt uniforms and kicking butt all over the galaxy. The Prime Directive? Bah! They just did whatever (and in Kirk's case whoever) they wanted.

Here's a guy playing the theme on ukulele. Why? Who knows?

Nose flute? OK!

Apparently people just love the heck out of the Star Trek theme song, because here's yet another version. This time, it's the theremin. It's fairly cringe-worthy, but I applaud her tenacity.

There were a bunch of other shows, but this is enough nostalgia for one day! Plus, I don't want you guys to think I spent my whole childhood in front of the television...

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Ah, it's good to see I wasn't the only one who misspent her youth watching TV. OK, I was often reading a book while watching TV so I guess that obviates it a little.

Don't forget The Bionic Woman. I always wanted the bionic sight instead of the bionic hearing, though, and I thought Jamie got the short end of the stick on that deal.

I'm glad her Sleep Number bed has eased her aches & pains so she can now sleep through the night.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was a bit older back then and had HUGE crush on Shawn much so that I begged for and got his album and played it so much that I drove my family completely NUTS. and I was CRUSHED when he got married...I was so mad that he hadn't waited for me...I mean it was only about a 4 year wait for me to be legal...was that so hard?
What a super collection of memories. I prefer Starbuck as a girl!
I watched Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, Lost in Space, and others. I LOVED that the bionic woman was named Jamie!! That made me actually like my name.
I never watched the original BG. I've never known any other Starbuck than the female one. The new BG was so awesome! My daughter and I got into it over Christmas break, and we were hooked. Now, my son is watching it and he is frakkin loving it.
He has a t-shirt that says on the front:
Taylor Who?
On the back it says:
Taylor Frakkin Hood!

I *did* spend my entire childhood in front of the TV. Mine was Little House on the Prairie and M*A*S*H. I didn't like Star Trek then but I do now.

My kids love I Love Lucy, the Dick Van Dyke Show, Star Trek, The Cosby Show, and Gilligan's Island.
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