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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can't blog

Family in town.

We did get a minute to go see Terminator Salvation. It was a decent action movie. Meh.

Also, we took a trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary and saw tigers, bears, wolves, a camel and I think they were ostriches? The Sanctuary is not set up like a zoo, where the cages are organized in a way that allows you to get a pretty good look at the animals. They have it set up so the animals are safe and comfortable, but that makes some of them very difficult to see. That's OK, though, they're doing amazing work!

Oh yeah, and we toured Red Rocks a local concert venue and beautiful natural amphitheater. If you're out here, you really should check it out, it's just a fascinating place between the geological significance of the area, and the history of the musicians who've played there.

Well, for being so busy with family, I sure found a lot to blog about!

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I hope your visit is going well!
Grist for the blog mill, eh? Enjoy your break.
My son saw Terminator Salvation yesterday. He loved it. He liked in better than Star Trek. It would have to be SUPER good to be better than Star Trek. I saw that on Monday, and it is a superb movie. I loved everything about it. I haven't seen Terminator yet, but I doubt it will surpass Star Trek in my humble opinion.

I hope you enjoyed time with your family.
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