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Friday, June 19, 2009

Rotting my brain

We actually got back from our camping trip late last Saturday night. No pictures yet, of course. I'm expecting to get right on that, maybe in December...

Instead of catching you guys up, I've been voraciously reading the gossip sites. I don't know why, I'm just gonna blame the drugs (lots of migraine activity this week.)

I don't recommend any of these, they have bad language and never write about anyone you know, but that doesn't mean I haven't been parked on Dlisted, TMZ, cele|bitchy, and (heaven help us) even a little Perez Hilton all week long.

Because of that, I know way more about Jon & Kate Plus 8 than you do, even though I've never actually seen the show.

I got some bad news when we got back into town, but I want to write it up right, and I just haven't had the brainpower. Plus, I want to tell you all about the trip, too! So, I'll try to get in here again this weekend and bring you all up to speed. Until then, I'm going to go look at the latest embarrassing photos of Britney and spend a little more time trying to figure out who the heck Heidi and Spencer are, and why anyone cares?

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I hope your bad news isn't really bad. I mean they call Kate spanking an insane brat bad news... OK, I hope your bad news is as bad as that which isn't really bad in my book.
I have no clue who half these people are and why they are considered celebrities. It reminds of popular kids in high school, how are they popular when actually not a lot of us liked them. hmmm
I try to not even know who these folks are but some do creap in the regular news and such. :p
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