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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still here

Two sets of new migraine/fibro meds this summer (one complete fail leading to another to try), and a lot of general goofing off going on.

Somewhere in the process of all this, I seem to have lost most of my "give a damn" and am playing catch up all the time any more.

But, I'm still smilin'! :-D

How are all of you?

Hugs! We're doing fine. Got a call from DH this morning...only 15 min though. :p

going camping on monday.
Hope the meds are helping you. There is nothing wrong with taking some time off during the summer. I'm just glad to hear you're OK.
Hang in there!
I'm glad you are still smiling. Sometimes that is hard to do when physical illness and problems mess our lives up. You are a trooooper! I hope you get the right med in the right amount to help you get control of those dang migraines. I pray you get real relief soon.


I see you've not posted much lately. Neither have I. Life gets too darned busy at times. Take care, and I'll drop you a note on fb soon.
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