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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, first in a long time!


Thirteen Things about JEN

1. Hey there! How have you all been?

2. I haven't done a 13 in a long time.

3. Mostly because I don't know what I would list, and I didn't want to write a boring one.

4. Plus, I've been a little stressed out lately, and blogging has fallen to the bottom of the list.

5. Along with most everything else.

6. But, it's going to be OK, I am doing fine now that I cut a lot of things out of my schedule.

7. I ended up having a long talk with a friend of mine, pouring my soul out to her, including all my worries and my quirks that have been troublesome lately.

8. She listened patiently, and then emailed me a list of quizzes to determine if you have a psychiatric disorder.

9. I took all of the quizzes. Apparently I'm manic, bipolar, ADD *AND* depressed. Thankfully there's no sign of schizophrenia in there...

10. Now I'm wondering if there's a quiz to take to determine if you answer psychiatric quizzes too enthusiastically.

11. Because, I'm pretty sure I don't have THAT much going on.

12. Although I have to say that sometimes I find myself wondering if ANYTHING in my life is real. Do you know what I mean? Like, how would I know if I was totally insane and right now I'm sitting in some psych hospital somewhere, full of drugs and in a straitjacket, just *thinking* I'm writing in my blog and listening to music? How do I know they don't have a wall full of charts chronicling my actions, "She spent 45 minutes believing she was talking on the phone to her mom," or "She believes she's looking for that Where Did I Come From? library book yet again," etc.

13. Do you ever think about stuff like that?

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Welcome back!
I hope you feel less stressed.
I think we all have strange thoughts at times.
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
Your post reminded me of the Zen parable of a man who awoke from a dream. He was a man dreaming that he was a butterfly. Now that he is awake, he asks, am I not a butterfly who is dreaming that he is a man?

We all have these thoughts, especially when we're under stress. You might just need a vacation.
How do I get the little auto linky thing?
That's funny Jen. I've seen Manic and I'm pretty sure that isn't you. Of course everyone is different. But this person was in a dunk like state and didn't care about any rules.
Hehe, your list made me giggle. I'm sure that you actually have none of those things.. they're a little diagnostically happy these days. You're human and I'm sure that's it :)

Thanks for stopping by!
I think we all go through periods like that! I've wondered if life was real many times, usually when things are really out of control.
I got a good giggle though! My dh does have minor mental illness he is medicated for, and we are GLAD when he's on it! But the dr.s disagree with the psychiatric test diagnosis, and every doc gives him a different label! Whatever, as long as the meds work, I'm happy!
That last one cracked me up...I think about that exact thing all the time...what if I'm really in a coma, and just "dreaming" this stuff happened and one day I'll wake up and my whole life will be completely different than I think it is.. LOL I guess that just makes us both "normal" in my book!
Great TT, I played too. Stacie
A blog will always de-stress you, Jen.
If those online quizzes were really accurate, there would be a large number of unemployed psychologists.
Besides, there's nothing wrong with being a little crazy :D

I love the pictures of your horde at the top of your blog, by the way
Welcome back to the TT family! :-) I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure we all have these thoughts from time to time; nothing wrong with you!
My TT lists 13 of my favourite goddess & fantasy artists.
How do you type in a straight jacket!

Great TT, thanks for visiting mine!
Welcome back to the blog world. I have the problem of thinking of themes for my TT each week. It stresses me out sometimes. Haha!

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my TT.
I LOVE your post! How clever! I'll have to remember that the next time I'm ramming my head into the wall trying to think of something to write about! Welcome Back!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

You have to pass that link on - I would be interested. Then you could compare yourself to a crazy person's results!
Jen - I think that way sometimes, but then I remind myself that life isn't suppose to be that hard and I kick back to regular thoughts.
We had to take those when I was in therapy school. I think I was close to some major psychiatric disorder. Now I know that either you have to be crazy to survive as a mom OR those tests are a bit wonked. Or both.
I'm sure you're not crazy. Maybe a hypochondriac though. ;) Seriously. I have an uncle that's manic, and you would probably be pretty bad off if you were. Maybe you've just had too much snow. Invest in a good sun lamp, and everything will get back to normal I'm sure.
It does help to rant, so feel free anytime. I hope it helps to know that people care about you and are here for you.
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