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Sunday, October 10, 2004

New Fish!


These are our new fish! They are goldfish, and we got them through Freecycle. Their family is moving to California and didn't think the fish would do too well on the four day car trip so they're just going to start over at their new house with spiffy new California fish. Their loss is our gain.

The family had two small children, and I think the children may have named the fish because their names are Bear, Kitty, Doggie, and Ice Cream.

This was perfect for us, since Anya was wanting fish for her room more than anything for her birthday. We already had the 10 gallon tank. So, once we know the fish have made the transition, they will head down to the basement with her. Oh, by they way, in case you're following our last fish story, they are all fine and still numbered among the living. Posted by Hello

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