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Monday, July 04, 2005

Yarn addiction ruining your family?

Try frogging sweaters to feed your habit!

"Frogging" is a term that means unraveling. It's because you rip-it, and that sounds like ribbit, get it?

Frogging used sweaters and other knit garments can be a frugal way to get usable yarn, but it can be tough to do. But, if this interests you, fear not! There's a great tutorial by a newlywed named Ashley showing exactly what kind of sweater to look for and how to do it. She even backs it up with a super FAQ in case you have questions or problems.

I love to knit and crochet, and look for any means quiet the monkey on my back.

this is awesome information, thanks for sharing!!

found you through blog explosion!
wow... um, i guess the internet really does have everything
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M Hippies, I thought it was cool, glad you liked it!

Seniorgato, scary what's out there, isn't it?
I love knitting and crocheting too and I've been working on baby blankets at the moment and my greatest desire is to knit the world's fluffiest cloud.

Great info, Jen.
My monkey got so bad that I once tried crocheting up my daughter's hair (that may explain why she's liking to wear it short now). Oh, and then there's the time I tried crocheting with licorice (that was a yummy experiment) ... Yep, we addicts need to stick together and figure out where we'll be getting our next fix! LOL
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