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Monday, November 14, 2005

And I thought it was rude when

people talked on the phone while checking out at the grocery store. Although, I guess if you're robbing a bank you're probably not too concerned with cell phone etiquette.

A young woman robbed four banks in Washington's suburbs without ever interrupting conversations her cell phone, a sheriff's spokesman said on Friday. In the most recent heist, the woman, with sunglasses casually pushed up on her dark hair and a mobile phone at her ear, walked up to a bank teller in Ashburn, Virginia, on November 4 and opened her purse to show a handgun and a note demanding cash, said Loudoun County sheriff's spokesman Kraig Troxell.
I wonder if she was worse at robbing the bank because of her cell phone usage than she would have been otherwise? Although they seem to have put the "talking on the cell phone while driving is just as bad as drunk driving" theory to rest, I wonder if it holds true for bank robbery? Maybe they should do tests and see if she performed just as poorly as a "drunk robber" would? That would probably be a good thing if there weren't firearms involved...

Yeah, but can she chew gum AND simultaneously rub her tummy in a circular motion? That is the real question.

BTW I found you through BE this time.
People on cell phones can be more annoying than bank robbers. Some look as if they are surgically attached.
That story is bizarre. Who know what was really going on? Maybe she was trying not to look suspicious to others.
Go to and scroll down a few posts for a funny parody of this story.
How rude! If you're going to rob someone, at least have the decency to hang up the cell phone...heehee!
Wow, really. Show some respect and attention while you are busy violating others. Sheesh. ;)
unbelievable. the teller should have made her get off the phone before she handed over any money.
LOL...oh boy. People these days! She'll go through cell phone withdrawls when she gets put behind bars.
I foresee withdrawal for many things in that idiot girl's life. The cops have picked her up & she's going to jail.
My teenaged daughter has her cell permantently attched to the side of her head. It gets really irritating at times! She just got it at the end of summer, for her 16th birthday. I wonder about my "bright" ideas at times.... ha!
Dang, what a dingle-berry.

"Hey mom, guess what I'm doing right now?"
I just find it interesting that the gun was threatening while it was in the purse. What, did the tellers think she was a quick draw artist? I would've grabbed the purse before she could get the gun out, especially with her distracted by the phone...
As an aside, I wonder why sometimes my little picture doesn't show up in Blogger comments, and sometimes it does?
cube, I don't know, but I know *I* can't!

Captain Picard, very true! I think I'd rather be in line behind a bank robber!

Jamie Dawn, that was a hilarious story! Thanks for passing it on!

Trinity13 and running 2ks, yes, there must be some decency and consideration for others in a robbery!

BSTS, I think that since she had the gun, the teller didn't have a lot of control over the situation. That would have been cool, though, huh?

M.C., I didn't think about that! That's gonna stink!

cube, I'll have to look for that, it didn't seem like it could take long before she was caught.

Texas_Ivy10, I fear for the days when I'll be sending my four out into the world with cell phones...

Interstellar Lass, LOL! I *do* wonder who she was talking to?

Barry, there's a thought, I wonder if the tellers thought of that? I would have been too scared, plus I'm guessing there's some policy that tells them what to do in case of a robbery. And I don't know why pictures show up sometimes and not others. I'm barely hanging on with my minimal HTML skills, sorry.
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