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Friday, November 11, 2005

Tea with my girls

Today I took Anya, Maya and Sage on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory in Boulder. We went with 9 other families from our homeschool group, so it was a cozy tour with a lot of kids we know.

It was a nice trip, and we got to relax afterwards in their tea tasting room. That was a lot of fun, while we tried many different teas and made a shopping list for their gift shop. The favorite? Santa's Candy Apple, which is pretty much as good as you'd imagine!

Anya made a joke that cracked up a whole line of strangers in the restroom. We were in the bathroom right off of the tea tasting room, and it only had two stalls. I asked her to hurry, because a line was forming. She replied, "You'd think that since everyone's coming here to drink tea, they'd have more bathrooms!" Yep, that's my gal!

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Darly mostly complained about the tea that she tried at the shop. She didn't like the blue berry and didn't want to try the hot spice one...too hot and water made it too watery. (can we say Goldielocks w/o the Just right?) But she loved the free sample at home that I mixed with milk. Go figure.
We had a great time and she wants to go back to do the mint room again! LOL
How tea-lightful! I do love that Earl Grey, black & hot!
Oh that is too cute. What a smart kid. I love that tea.
She's got a point!
Sounds like you had fun. :)
Renee, some of the tea we tasted was fairly nasty. It's good they let you try it out first!

cube, you should get along well with Capt. Picard!

Running, she's really pretty on the ball, for such a nut ;-) If you're ever out here you should do their tour!

Veronika, I did have fun, I love days like that!
I got some really cool tea samples from adagio a while back, and a neat tea maker/thingie boparooni...

anyway, I ordered green tea because I LIKE Lipton Green was I supposed to know REAL green tea taste like...well it doesn't taste good.
LOL..that's cute and oh so true.

I'd love to take a tour of a tea place. That sounds like it was fun.

Have a great weekend!
Funny though, today they had a bunch of free tea to hand out at our meeting. So now I have even more tea.

I think that I stuck with safe flavors...although I did pick one to try it. It's one of the desert teas. I didn't figure out that you could try out the teas on the shelf until after we tried the ones already brewed on the counter.
OMG that's a great one! Good for Anya!

I'm really jealous about the tour, I'll have to go do that one by myself ;)
That's my favorite brand of herbal tea. I especially like the Tension Tamer and the Country Peach Passion.
That sounds like a really cool place to have gone.
Good on her! Maybe they'll listen? Were you letting them try teas with caffeine?? If so, you're a braver woman than I!
I love tea! I have a whole category for that on my blog! I am going to link you today...hope you don't mind.

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