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Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Memories: Spending our Wedding Night with our Parents


Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about

Since tomorrow is our 14th Anniversary (apparently it's the "elephant killing" anniversary, the traditional gift is ivory. How long do you have to be married to something you can actually use?) I thought I'd tell you all about how we spent our wedding night.

As you may recall from an earlier post, we didn't have a lot of time to plan our wedding because we decided at the last minute to get married so we could get the financial aid. So, many things about our big day were not planned out well, or came together at the last minute, or we did without.

We were a happy-go-lucky couple, and the stress of wedding planning, even for a very small and modest service like ours, was really hard on us. A lot of things that might have been taken care of if we'd been better at planning, or had more a month or so to get it all together, just didn't get done at all. Everyone there had a pretty good idea of what we were like, so I don't think many people were surprised that we had literally NO IDEA where we were going to spend our wedding night. We had shelled out every penny we had for wedding essentials (which wasn't much) so we just put it out of our minds and figured we'd deal with it after the service.

I'm not sure who's idea it was, but quietly during the reception people circulated among our guests and took up a collection to get us a hotel room. So, when we did the cutting of the cake, a card was presented to us with a key inside. We must have looked pretty puzzled, because Davin's stepmom had to announce that they'd all gotten together and got us a place to stay for the evening. Then, my high school friend Vicki said, "You're going to the KOA Kampground, that's the key to the showers!" We were so out of it we thought, "OK, that's better than a bench on Pearl Street," and wouldn't have worried at all about that, but then we were informed that our parents had gotten us a room at the hotel where our dads were staying.

So, we left the reception and headed over to the hotel, fell into bed and asleep. Later that evening, we got a call that woke us up. It was Davin's dad, calling to tell us they'd brought the food over from the reception and did we want to come down and sit by the pool with them and eat? I called my dad, who was in the same hotel, and told him the plan, and we headed out. We lounged by the pool, ate from the deli tray, and just goofed off most of the night. It was GREAT! We spent the next day up in Central City, also with our parents. It was a blast, since we never gambled before, I'd never seen so many quarters in one place! I was playing quarter slots with my mom (and my mom's quarters), and I just kept thinking, "There goes another load of laundry...pull the lever...there goes another load of laundry."

I know it sounds weird, but it wasn't like we'd had anything ELSE planned, right? We had no time or money for a honeymoon, and as we've already established, we hadn't worked out what we were going to do at all after 12 noon, March 14th, 1992. And none of our parents lived in town, so we thought, "Well, we're going to see each other every day for the rest of our lives, but our families are going home soon," so we all just hung out together.

I'll have to tell you another time about the wedding itself, which I was late for, and the reception, where the food never showed up so Davin had to go find it, but today I thought I'd tell you how our marriage started out.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Great story. But you spent your wedding night eating with your dads? I've never heard that one before.

Maybe you could give Davin a copy of Ebony and Ivory for your anniversary. That way you are not responsible for pacadermacide. Oh yah - I said it. That makes it a word, right.

Sometime I'll have to tell you about my "warrant" from Boulder. Does the name Isadore ring a bell?

Oh, and my memory is up, too.
I think that is great. You valued your parents and spent time with them. It's not like you didn't have time for some sex too, so why not enjoy time with your dads?
I like your easy going style. I'm sure that is what makes your household a great place to grow up.
I remember being upset that my wedding cake turned out off-white instead of stark white like I had ordered. I remember forcing myself to shake it off and saying to myself something like this, "Jamie! Chill out, you dummy!"
When the pics from our wedding came back, the flash had made the cake look stark white, so it all turned out okay in the end. I should have been more easy going at the time.
That is so cool! It sounds like a lot of fun. I hope that someday you get to have a honeymoon all to yourselves!

Thanks for coming by and linking me. I linked you but have been having trouble commenting on blogspot blogs.
Wow, what a great beginning Jen. I just had to LOL at the laundry going down the slots...hee hee Did you win any loads of laundry?
Hey...make fake ivory carvings with soap...then your children get a homeschool lesson, Davin gets a traditional present...and everyone gets clean!
How amazingly fun! I had a nervous breakdown on our wedding night, the next day, and the next day. I'm such a spaz!
I can't get the code from the link on your I have to be logged into Blogger?
Rowan, I need to hear that Boulder story!

JD, I only SEEM easygoing. I can be uptight with the best of them!

Shelli, there's something going on with Blogger lately. :-(

Renee, I did win several loads of laundry, but then I put them back in the machine and came home empty handed.

Sheri, there's a thought!

Lori, you are not a spaz! Hee hee! I don't know what's up with Blogger these days...
Well I say any story that doesn't involve vegetarian vampires is a good story.
This is a lovely story with real family warmth. Thanks for sharing.

My MM is up.
You had me in stitches! Love the laundry reference.

After our reception (we actually got married at the church in Central City and had our reception at the Teller House) we stayed and played slots with our friends and parents. We finally made it to our B&B about 11 p.m. and literally said we'd be losers if we didn't consumate our marriage, then we passed out :)

I love the financial aid story! If DH and I knew each other then, we'd have done the SAME thing!

Obviously you two knew that the wedding night didn't matter...the marriage did! Good for you!
Wow, that is a great memory. I should write about my wedding sometime. Maybe for my 11th anniversary.

I am a day late, but my MM is up.
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