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Friday, March 24, 2006

To Dye For

Here they are, letting their freak flags fly!

To Dye For

From left to right: Tiernan, I mean Superman, Anya, Maya and Sage.

They're not as smiley as they could be in this photo, we were up way too early and the sun was way too bright for us all...


Hey, did the guy who writes Coroner Stories used to update more often than he does now? I got hooked on his site and now he hasn't updated in a month.

Have a blessed weekend!
Oh so cool. How are they liking it?
You should dye your hair too Jen!!!
I'm afraid to dye my hair, too many baaaaaad experiences in high school!

Yeah, the coroner stories guy used to update more. Hmmm.

They seem to like it a lot! It's hard for me to get used to. The red, especially, it pretty startling. I keep thinking I should ask them for Big Macs or something!
They look great! I agree with Trinity. Dye your hair.
Ohmigosh! What an incredible photo! They look a little like they went to bed with normal hair, woke up, went outside and then...poof! changed and maybe they don't quite realize it yet, but soon will once they look in the mirror! Hilarious...this is one of those photos you save later for collateral. :-)
I *LOVE* the color!!
You have the coolest family!
doh! Now Darly wants to dye her hair! Kinda hard for me to say no since I do it and now your kids do it too. So I told her to go ask her dad...HA HA HA HA he'll never let her!

The kids look cute though!
That is such a hoot! I bet all their friends are jealous!
The photo is unavaible to me...
*sigh* are you prejudiced towards polyhedrons...?
Oooooo, now I see it. Too cool!

My girls are putting streaks of blue in their hair like Aquamarine, the mermaid.
Ever see The Borrowers...the one with John Goodman? If not, you should all watch it before that hair fades out.
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