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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things about OUR CO-OP

1. Our homeschool group offers a co-op four times a year. It's like an education enrichment potluck. You offer something to the group, and in exchange for your offer, you are eligible to participate in everyone else's offerings.

2. The offerings can be a class that you teach on a subject you're familiar with or interested in, a field trip you set up, a party, a social activity, or even something for the adults to do (for instance, in the past I've held coffee nights for relaxed homeschooling parents, and knitting classes for the adults.)

3. I figured I'd tell you all the things we've signed up to do this session, in addition to the regular homeschooling stuff we do at home and with the group, so you know what we're up to when life gets in the way of my blogging! ;-) Some we've already done, some are upcoming.

4. We had a docent led tour of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where we learned the inside story about a lot of the zoo animals. You may recall this trip from last week, when I was drinking out of the toilet

5. We caught the show "Cosmic Journey" at the Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and then hung out in the museum after with some of the other kids for a while in the Space Odyssey exhibit.

6. We visited the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, to see how the Anasazi lived. The tour guide led us through the dwellings, showed us a film, and the kids got to grind corn and everything! This is one of the classes I set up :-)

7. One mom offered her backyard for the kids to get together for some unstructured time. The kids jumped on the trampoline, gathered around her outdoor firebowl, and just hung out together. There are a couple of "playdate" classes offered this time, which are always fun and a nice break!

Those are the ones we've already done, these are the ones that are still coming up!

8. The kids will go to the Chamberlin Observatory to hear a talk about space and get a chance to look through their 20 inch refracting telescope.

9. There will be a Police K-9 Demonstration, including one officer in a "bite suit" showing the kids how they cue the dogs to attack and to stop.

10. One of our families lives on acreage out on the plains, and they've set up a nature walk through their land to look at the animals and plants that live there, followed by a picnic.

11. Another class that I set up is a chance to roam through the old cemeteries in Central City. They have graves there dating back to the 1800s, and they are in several languages. There is one spot on a hill above town where there are 5 cemeteries in one general area, so we're going to meet there for a picnic first, then each family can wander on their own.

12. One of the moms in our group used to teach wilderness survival, so she's offering a series of classes in camping and outdoor skills. Last time she brought her partner from when she was teaching, and I truly believe you could drop those two off naked in the forest and they'd make it home OK!

13. And tonight, we'll be learning to do Davidic dance, or Jewish dancing. She says we'll be learning "the traditional Line Dance, Hava Nagila, and if we have time Hine MaTov or possibly Peet Chu Li." I'm having a fibro sort of day, so I may be WATCHING Davidic Dance, but that will be informative, too.

TEN THOUSAND THANK YOUS FOR ALL OF THE HELP WITH MR. LINKY THIS MORNING! I was doing something wrong, and you showed remarkable patience, I appreciate it!

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#8 sounds fun. My TT is up
We are so cool!
I would like to go on the nature walk please. Nice list.
Enjoy the K-9 demonstration. Canines are the backbone of the police force.
You *are* cool. Let us know how all that goes. Especially the dogs. :)
Enjoy the dancing. I hope you feel better and can participate some. If not, then make sure you laugh at those who are dancing! :)
The police dog demo will be exciting. I'd like to see that.
Hi there! Happy TT...Happy Memorial Day Weekend Early!

I redid my links so I will be over and commenting more often!

Enjoy it all, Jen!
What wonderful trips and events. I've never been able to figure out why people think homeschooled kids are so deprived of companionship and socialization. You gals do a fabulous job.
It sounds like you didn't overbook too much this time! We didn't, either, mostly because we didn't get into a few ;)
It sounds like you didn't overbook too much this time! We didn't, either, mostly because we didn't get into a few ;)
i always thought that kids that were home schooled would miss out on exactly the kinds of things that yours are doing, sounds great!!
i haven't tried the mr. linky thing, i had an issue trying to get the code to work on the saturday photo hunt, never did get it to work, so now i'm afraid to try anything else. it sounds so easy, how come i can never get these things to work?
I've always been afraid to get into a coop...too much time involved, etc. Yours sounds very very cool.

My uninspiring list is up.
I think those that homeschool their kids are awesome & are my heros! Not that I homeschool, I don't have the temperment for it but I greatly admire those that do! :-)
Great list. I am coming around to homeschooling - if I had the time. Oh, and the kids...

My list is up.
I love nature walks. I haven't been on one in so long. My TT is up.
Wow, you guys are busy! This all sounds fun.

My TT is up here.
That really was a lot in this list! Interesting things indeed.

Nature walk, dogs and the dance sounds terrific, have fun :-)
Wow, you are so cool. Love your ideas. How blessed your kids are. My TT is up.
sounds like so much fun. what a cool co-op!
my tt is up
Good to have those things available to you!
My TT is up.
How fun! I would love to homeschool my children, I need to look into it more. I'm finding public school teacher don't have as much time to spend on individual students needs, because they have too many students in their class...I'm going to try at least for my last 2.
Admiration...that's my word b/c I think if I were to homeschool my kids, I'd end up with mostly unstructured time. I so wish I were more disciplined! Fun Stuff!!!
It all sounds like a lot of fun and very interesting.
Mandy-In response to your comment, most of what we do IS unstructured time. We're relaxed homeschoolers, bordering on unschooling. Kids are born loving to learn, and it sticks with them unless it's driven out. We've learned the most amazing things from really unlikely topics when we've chased the ideas down the rabbit trail. For instance, we spent a while just discussing Elvis of all things, and ended up relating nearly every subject through him. Stuff you wouldn't believe, just because we were having conversations!

So, you don't have to sit down at a table for 8 hours a day to homeschool. I don't know anyone who does, and I'm not familiar with any state where the law requires it.
Great list! lots of adventures. :)
Sweet! Homeschooling fascinates me but scares me cuz I think I'd be horribly undisciplined about it...good to know that if we feel led in that direction that I could actually, maybe, possibly do it and my kids would learn! :)
Sounds like you both has had a lot of great trips and also can look forward to some great schooling. Enjoy :D
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